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Cat's Sprite Dump

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HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
Hello! This is my gallery of all of the sprites I did. I do take requests...Understand that I might not do them and I might take my time with them. Requests: Open. Request List: Haven't been made yet. Link to gallery with all the sprites here: Boop Cosmog Project: Cosmog Project

Request Rules/READ ME PLS

I mostly do Pokemon fusions (no Gijinkas) and recolors. I do play around with other stuff but I thought I should inform you of this. I am iffy about making mega or scratch sprites so keep that in mind. 1) Understand that I have all rights to take as long as I can with a request. I don't like being rushed to get a sprite done as it does ruin my motivation to so. :T 2) I can do Pokesona and specific Pokemon OCs. However, keep in mind I take way longer with those and I do have the tendency to send w.i.p images to users who own them. The last thing I need is messing up a detail that I could have caught earlier! 3) Requests are indicated by (R) next to the actual sprite. For requests the one who requested that sprite gets first dibs on it (though occasionally I may a swipe a few sprites but that's rare). If the requester state they don't want to sprite or they do not respond after two weeks pass, that sprite becomes free to claim. 3A) If you want to preclaim a sprite, go ahead. Just make a note of that and if I do it, I'll add that claim automatically to you. 3B) I do not accept preclaims for requests until after the sprite becomes free to claim. This has been a issue in the past. 4) Please. Please. Please. If you are planning to use any of free to claim sprites, tell me you are using the sprite and I will give you ownership of the sprite. Please also give me credit for the Pokemon sprite whenever you use it. 4B) You are free to edit the Sprite! I don't mind! 5)While I don't have a limit of requests, please keep in mind I won't do all of them. Yes, I will link them in my list but that's mostly for my sanity XD 5A) Since I am linking these, please do remove any requests if I did them already XD 6)You don't have to pay for my sprites. :D You can tip me but you really don't have to. 6A) However, please try not to claim too many sprites at once. ^^ Let's be a bit generous with the sprite claims.
Also, say hi to my Pokesona, Mizu~

Credits (Will most likely be updated later)

This section is for proof of all of the credits I received. Note most of these credits involve the use of large sprite sheets so any single sprite created by one person will individually receive one sprite. Primarily Use: Conyjams- Sprite Sheet/Permission to confirm sprites are free to use Used these in the past: Noscium-Sprite Sheet/Permission to use Smogon XY Sprite Project-Permission and Sprite sheet/Permission from actual head of project Smogon Sun and Moon Project-Sprite List/Permission Zerudez-Sprite Sheet/Permission
Avatar of my oc was created by Flapple! My Journal: [x] My Sprite Dump: [x] Cosmog Sprite Project: [x]
LadyElemental's AvatarLadyElemental
LadyElemental's Avatar
*cries at the deletion of the old thread* Hi!! I love your sprites. So requests.... Are you planning on doing a carry-over from requests from the old dump or...? I look forward to the sprites you dump here.

Request list

These will be sprites probably that I've requested before that you hadn't done. Also lots of Legendary fusions. Done in order of what I want to see most versus are less important. Do want you want or not, but I call preclaim on the legendary fusions unless I decide otherwise : D. Well, after you! Silvally/Palkia (Silvally base) Silvally/Giratina (Silvally base) Shinx/Deino (Shinx Base) Luxio/Zweilous (Luxio base, two headed Luxio!!) Silvally/Articuno (Silvally base) Silvally/Moltres (Silvally base) Torterra/Palkia (Torterra base) Froslass/Braixen Eevee/Mimikyu (Eevee base) Leafeon/Zorua (Leafeon base, Zorua colors?) Rayquaza/Kyogre/Groudon Azelf/Mesprit/Uxie Arceus/Rayquaza (Arceus base) Giratina Origin Forme/Palkia (Giratina base)
Background done by Golden Tempest. Sprites are official. This banner is for Lady Elemental's use.
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Made by BlackBlood1872, more banners here
Avatar made by BananaLizard
HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
Late reply but ye! You can transfer old request from the previous thread. I'll add these to my list after I finish watching something. for Friendo First sprite of the thread. Going to try to get three sprites out per week uwu Might not get the second/third sprite given what came out.

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