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Willow Tree

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Panda1440's AvatarPanda1440
Panda1440's Avatar
"Okay then, thank you so much!" Flame yelled after Youko. I think I should try ember again, the Flareon thought to herself. Just as before, she inhaled, but then she rembered that she was still facing in the direction Youko had run of to. "Sorry!" she yelled, not even sure if her ember had reached the bushes...
YumeKozume's AvatarYumeKozume
YumeKozume's Avatar
Mirai quickly sent an ice beam towards the ember before it could hit the bushes. "Dont worry, I stopped it with my ice beam!" Mirai said happily wagging her nine tails, uknowingly smacking Kenji in the face with them. "Hey, quit it Mirai!" Shira hissed. "Sorry, sorry! Anyway, you're getting a lot better Flame!" Mirai said happily. Kaiketsu smiled at them. They've all grown up haven't they... he thought. Maybe, they could go back home soon. Just maybe...
FoxmasterC's AvatarFoxmasterC
FoxmasterC's Avatar
The bushes rustled behind mirai as two eyes, one electric blue and the other completely megenta, disapeared. Margo finaly stopped by a tree to rest. That was interesting, the thought, and began to lick her black furr. the blue circles that would normaly be yellow, pullsed with contentment.
FoxmasterC's AvatarFoxmasterC
FoxmasterC's Avatar
Margo was a shiney umbreon. exept for one thing. she only knew two moves. they were quick attack, and protect. not the ideal moves for an umbreon, but she was practicing shadow ball. so far, all she could manage was a whisp of shadow.

Pages: 123

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