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What are people hunting - A shopkeeper's helper

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MerpleSerple's AvatarMerpleSerple
MerpleSerple's Avatar
Back on my magikarp melan hunt, hoping it won't be too long before I can announce I'm hunting something else.
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Nugglet's AvatarNugglet
Nugglet's Avatar
Espurr, and it's been kinda kicking my tail. I have the albinos I wanted for myself and 1/2 the shinies now. I have a certain number of eggs I plan to hatch, a bit low for getting a melan but honestly I have other hunts I really want to do before my Ubercharm runs out too.
TheMimic's AvatarTheMimic
TheMimic's Avatar
I do not really have funds, but I am seeking multiple decent IV pokemon out of the shelter currently. Snaged a 5 IV glaceon yesterday, so here's hoping...
junimokart's Avatarjunimokart
junimokart's Avatar
i'm hunting frillish! still no melan, but i've had some pretty good luck with shinies and albinos (5 shiny and 9 albino out of ~1000 hatched), so here's hoping...
MerpleSerple's AvatarMerpleSerple
MerpleSerple's Avatar
I have started my Oshawott hunt! If anyone would like spares for breeding pairs, just let me know! ^^ edit: oshawott over, we huntin melan caterpies now! specifically, 4, so uh. ough. hunt spots are open, shameless self promo uwu

Pages: 123456

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