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What are people hunting - A shopkeeper's helper

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Juzíneo's AvatarJuzíneo
Juzíneo's Avatar
So I've been into melan hunting for quite some time now and I've always got that thing in my mind telling me I shouldn't hunt a certain pokémon because there already are lots of hunters doing it, with that in mind, I came here to create a safe place where we can share what we are hunting at the moment, remember to leave your shop's link in your signature, so if someone gets interested on what you are hunting, you can find yourself a new customer! As for now, I am hunting Charmander. My next hunt is going to be Snow Combee!
Check out my shop!
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aud.rey's Avataraud.rey
aud.rey's Avatar
melan eevee. 17 of them. hopefully timid or sweet. without hypermode or ubercharm until i get 200zc. *heavy breathing* shop link uwu
Kaolin's AvatarKaolin
Kaolin's Avatar
I totally understand the feeling of not wanting to hunt what other people are hunting xD I want to be special darnit. But the nice thing of hunting something mainstream is that you'll never run short of eggs I guess (unless you're nature hunting, in which case it's gonna be horrible). I'm hunting Wooper! I've got a few other chains on PR sticks, I do want to revisit Bounsweet and finish my melan Solosis line. @aud.rey oof that's a big goal, what are your plans for them?
aud.rey's Avataraud.rey
aud.rey's Avatar
the entire line of melan eeveelutions and megas,,,, *more heavy breathing*
Nightmøn's AvatarNightmøn
Nightmøn's Avatar
Im currently hunting milcremy for an user who want all the alcremy form in albino. I got 11 albino for now, tho only four of them are milcremy. Plz. I have also four shiny milcremy currently, and would probably Hatch more. Current chain is 90. (Auto updating) Oh and personally, i wait until im at a 1 000 chain before activiting hypermode. I know that people can have melan earlier with it, but i like spending 28 days on an already long chain xD Tho I dont think i would on this hunt since im not actually hunting for a melan.
My first language is french! So sorry in advance for misunderstanding xD Click them, thankie! >>
im hunting treecko
Vixxey's AvatarVixxey
Vixxey's Avatar
I usually hunt the less then popular pokemon, my current hunt is for a melan nosepass. I don't have a shop per se too much work~ I just have a field all the rejects are tossed in for a copper relic.
Maleficent's AvatarMaleficent
Maleficent's Avatar
Hunting Swablu right now and regretting it; my next hunt will be going back to Applin. It's apple season right now if I'm not mistaken. I wanna hunt Delibird in December, but I don't plan that far ahead anymore. Once all of Galar is finally released, I'm going back to Milcery uninterrupted. I need 60 more melans; 61 if I end up selling my only non-spicy melan Alcremie hahaha.

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Elmani's AvatarElmani
Elmani's Avatar
I'm hunting Croaket - I've gotten myself a full set of shinies+albinos now, so a melan would be nice I sell shinies + albino Croakets for 200 GP per, and normal Croakets for 2 GP per
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ohush's Avatarohush
ohush's Avatar
I'm currently hunting Flabebe! I'm trying to get one of the undiscovered melans (especially since some are my favorite colors). I'd honestly love for someone else to be hunting with me because making eggs is such a chore x.x I'm selling shinies, albinos and deltas here or in PMs for those interested.

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