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Written Adventures - A Roleplayers Clan

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Calle's AvatarCalle
Calle's Avatar
Welcome to Written Adventures, the roleplayers clan. Here we get together to talk about roleplaying and our character, ask questions about character/world building, pitch ideas for roleplays or characters, etc. First a special thanks to the leaders of previous roleplayer clans: Constantine who created the original roleplayers clan The Imagination Federation, and Sporkobug who took over. Every clan has rules, and this one is no exception.

The Rules

  1. All Pokéfarm rules apply.
  2. Be respectful to each other. We want this clan to be a safe haven for all roleplayers, where we can talk about our roleplays and our original characters.
  3. We do not bash anyone for their preferences or the way they roleplay.
  4. We welcome roleplayers from all ages, so keep the discussions child-friendly
  5. Only one advertisement for your group RP or interest check per week.
  6. Please keep in mind that the fandoms you advertise in this clan have to suitable for all ages. If you have a fandom you want to RP in, please make a setup in the 15+ RP setup forum instead.
  7. If you have an interest check or a setup in the 15+ forum that you want to advertise, you can post a link, but it must be clear where the link leads and the name of the link must be PG.
If you have any questions about the rules you may always PM Calle. So, would you like to join us? Just fill in this form, but remember that everything you write here has to be PG:

Roleplayers application

[b]Username[/b]: [b]What is your preferred genre?[/b]: [b]What is the preferred length of your posts?[/b]: (one-liners, x paragraphs,…) [b]Any interest checks or your group RP you want to share?[/b]: (provide a link please, keep in mind to warn for 15+ or 18+ link) [b]Do you have a place where you collect your OCs?[/b]: [b]I’d love to see a roleplay example[/b]: (in the hidebox please) [hide=Name of your sample] Your sample [/hide]
For the roleplayers who also enjoy writing poetry, original fiction and/or fanfiction: there is also a writers clan called Pen and Paper
"We can only be who we are, no more, no less" Kahlan Amnell (from Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind) Calle's shop of shiny items Written Adventures - a roleplayers clan Pan and Paper - a writers clan Avatar is a recoloured official sprite made by LittleFairy for me
Calle's AvatarCalle
Calle's Avatar
Calle's AvatarCalle
Calle's Avatar
Character creating resources and world building tools To be added (you can always suggest your favourite resources and tools in this thread or in a PM, just make sure they are suitable for all ages)
Calle's AvatarCalle
Calle's Avatar
Roleplaying Challenges From time to time a challenge will be posted: a scene you can react to with one of your OC's. OC Interviews Sometimes questions will be posted that you can answer as your OC.
Calle's AvatarCalle
Calle's Avatar
The RP Tavern Sometimes our characters need to unwind from their adventures. You can do so, by having them walk into the RP Tavern. This is meant for just short interactions in which your characters can vent about what they did or went through, or just relax in between adventures. The tavern is a multi-dimensional crosspoint, so characters from all settings can enter it. You may interact with each other, but this isn't a real roleplay thread, so keep it short and if you like what is going on, move to a 1x1 RP thread or PM's. Remember that the main focus of this clan remains talking about our roleplays and characters, and asking for tips and tricks, or helping flesh out our plots and characters. But that doesn't mean we can't some fun with our characters as well.
The Inn


By Glad.Silver The inn looks really nice from the outside, tall and grand, a bit worn down but still nice. It looks like many different people have been there before. The interior has no particular style, it just seems to be quite random. There are paintings of Kings, Queens, and other various royalty on the walls. Mixed in are intricate pictures of spaceships and galaxies, far more than the normal eye can see from Earth. There are also pictures of famous inventors and fancy cars. On shelves in the corner, there are what appear to be pirate ships in bottles, floating on a thin layer of water. There are also many nice teacups with matching saucers, some with gold plating on the edges, some fancier than the rest in design. The tables and chairs are all different too. Some are old, worn, and don't look like they had been polished. Some are fancy, beautiful designs in the surfaces with matching high-backed chairs to go with them. There are also counters with barstools, some more modern looking than others. The walls are a greyish color, which was hardly noticeable behind all the paintings and pictures. The whole scene is a delight to take in, the sheer eclectic mix of things making it obvious that the owner had done their best to try to suit it for all kinds of people.

Inn post format

[hr] [center]IC RP Inn[/center] [i]your text[/i] [hr]
Mikhal sits at the bar and nods to the bartender. "An ale please, good man. I need one after last week." The bartended places a mug on the counter. "What happened then?" he asks. "I was travelling to the Elves and we were trying to be diplomatic. I almost had an agreement, when the mercanery we hired called the leader an old goose..."
Calle's AvatarCalle
Calle's Avatar
Username: Calle What is your preferred genre?: Adventure/Paranormal/Fantasy What is the preferred length of your posts?: 2-3 paragraphs Any interest checks or your group RP you want to share?: I lead the Rorie League Pokémon Trainer RP in an original Pokémon setting Do you have a place where you collect your OCs?: in my journal (mature) I’d love to see a roleplay example:

A scene from the Rorie League

A low, rumbling sound could be heard from inside the volcano and a tremor could be felt across the island. It lasted for almost five seconds, but it was enough to startle the locals. They had lived with tremors and they knew when they were harmless. And when they were not. The Resto Gym Leader felt the tremor too and checked the equipment in her room. She squinted displeased at the numbers on her display and pushed a button. It set off an alarm in the towns. Maybe the volcano wouldn't erupt, but these numbers indicated a high possibility and it was better to be safe than sorry when human and Pokémon lives were at stake. A Volcarona and Charizard joined her and she turned to them. "Warn my guests," she said. "They hiked up on the volcano. I will ready the car at the foot." Both Pokémon quickly left and flew to the top, where a bit of smoke started to come from the crater. The Volcarona turned to the Pokémon she saw. "Get your trainers down now," she instructed them, knowing the humans wouldn't understand her. "The volcano might erupt."
Dystøpianist's AvatarDystøpianist
Dystøpianist's Avatar
Username: Dystopianist, my current username is awaiting name change What is your preferred genre?: I do any genre as long as it gives me the opportunity to develop engaging characters. So, basically anything but battle royale. What is the preferred length of your posts?: Depends on the type of RP. For story heavy, character driven stuff I do long paragraphs. For freeform, reactive RP I do one liners. Any interest checks or your group RP you want to share?: I’m building a Discord RP server called Final Frontier, where Zambian afronauts won the space race and the US is desperately trying to catch up by way of deep sea monsters and physically entering the noosphere. I’ll edit in a link once it’s done if people are interested. Do you have a place where you collect your OCs? Nope, all I my head. I don’t recycle OCs for new role plays. I’d love to see a roleplay example: (in the hidebox please)

A bit flaky, but I liked it

Vallabhbhai Patel staggered through the Henan countryside. It had been walking for three days now, traveling hundreds of kilometers on its metal feet. It took a few hours before anybody realized how. Satellites from Beijing had shown that there was small incision on the Statue of Unity’s bald head, one that only showed up after it’s passage from Gujarat. Most of the Chinese security consultants didn’t notice it, but a few occult physicists at the back of the room recognized the man sitting there. An elementalist. One of copper, oxygen, and iron. As it razes another farm with its sandled foot, the monumental Indian statue turned, seemingly towards nothing at all. But there was another large figure on the horizon. After all, Beijing had elementalists of its own. The Spring Temple Buddha was only the second largest statue in the world, but for the Chinese metal elementalists, it was enough.
I have a complete set of Arceus plates! You can borrow them for 10k credits/10 gp/2 Zophan a plate! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1g8ybtF5fck
Calle's AvatarCalle
Calle's Avatar
Welcome to the clan, Dystopianist. I did add a new line to the application form so if you want you can edit your post, but it's not mandatory for your acception in the clan. [b]Do you have a place where you collect your OCs?[/b]: (provide a link if you do) You can add this between the interest checks and sample.
Ceralis's AvatarCeralis
Ceralis's Avatar
Username: Slytherin Queen What is your preferred genre?: Fantasy/Romance What is the preferred length of your posts?: (one-liners, x paragraphs,…) Mid length; not too long or too short! Any interest checks or your group RP you want to share?: Not on this site- Do you have a place where you collect your OCs?: Quotev I’d love to see a roleplay example: (in the hidebox please)

A scene in a WoF RP

Spyrath and her little sister Velvet-Snow sat near the edge of a cliff, watching the sunset. "Beautiful, ain't it?" The hybrid dragon asked, folding her wings around her younger sister's back. Velvet nodded, her gaze never leaving the amazing scene. It was awesome, like the sun melting into the sky. Suddenly, a roar pierced through the silence of dusk. Spyrath's head perked up. Someone's attacked, not far away from the two. She motioned for her sister to fly back to their cave. Spyrath, as a powerful NightWing-IceWing herself, bravely flew towards the direction of the attack.
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Calle's AvatarCalle
Calle's Avatar
Welcome to the clan, Slytherin Queen :)

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