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The Fruit Stand! S/A and PWYW Deltas (Hunt => Snorunt)

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FruityLegend's AvatarFruityLegend
FruityLegend's Avatar
Welcome to my Trade Shop!


1. Follow all forum rules 2. Please avoid spamming me. If I don't reply right away I'm probably at work or away from my computer but I will get back to you eventually 3. If your offer is just the price listed feel free to just send a labelled trade. All unlabeled trades will be ignored 4. If you're looking for a specific nature please check my fields for availability.

PWYW Deltas

My basic Deltas are all in my first field! Make an offer you feel is reasonable and you'll probably get it!

S/A Current Hunt => Snorunt

Princes for Snorunt Prices Shiny -> 50GP/50 000 Credits Albino -> 75GP/75 000 Credits Shinies x 3 Albino x 1 Hunt spots available! View hunt spots tab! Prices for Stunky Shiny -> 50GP/50 000 Credits* Albino -> 75GP/60 000 Credits* *Unless otherwise stated (normally in the Pokemons name) x 3 x 2 All UFT S/A are in my first field so please check availability on all natures/gender if looking for anything specific Previous Hunt Leftovers


My prices for RTEs are pretty flexible, especially if you're buying in bulk. Let's say a base price of 1GP/10k Credits per RTE but I am very willing to haggle
TypePokemonHow Many

Hunt Spots, Ongoing Hunt => Snorunt

Prices Shiny -> 50GP/50 000 Credits Albino -> 75GP/75 000 Credits Add an extra 10GP/10 000 Credits for specific natures

Other Methods of payment

I'm buying any and all Ghost Deltas (I'm starting a ghost delta living dex) So I'll accept them as payment at a conversion of 30GP/40k Credits on any purchases.

Breeding Pairs

If you're looking to borrow a breeding pair they are all in my 'Shinies/Pairs' field, but here are the ones for sale Luxray pair 98%, 20GP
The Fruit Stand Trade Shop
Current Type Race Score ->0
FruityLegend's AvatarFruityLegend
FruityLegend's Avatar
Reserved~~ (~also added RTEs but also changed my mind on layout so may want this post later~)
Glitchling's AvatarGlitchling
Glitchling's Avatar
could i snag an albinos stunky for 75gp ? ^-^
FruityLegend's AvatarFruityLegend
FruityLegend's Avatar
Sure! Sending the trade now!
CLeim's AvatarCLeim
CLeim's Avatar
Hello OwO Could I get Albino Stunky for 75GP? (Female Naughty)
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FruityLegend's AvatarFruityLegend
FruityLegend's Avatar
Trade sent!!
MewInuKags's AvatarMewInuKags
MewInuKags's Avatar
Hello, I would like the 4 large electric gems for 400 GP and then I would also like all 190 electric rte shinx. Would 250 GP be ok for that? It would be a total of 650 GP.
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FruityLegend's AvatarFruityLegend
FruityLegend's Avatar
Yeah sounds good! I'll have to send the Shinx in batches of 5, so I'll start sending them soon since I'm finally off work!
MewInuKags's AvatarMewInuKags
MewInuKags's Avatar
thats fine. thank you so much.
FruityLegend's AvatarFruityLegend
FruityLegend's Avatar

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