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Breaking a Chain

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Whit's AvatarWhit
Whit's Avatar
How do you decide, when or if, to break a chain? Do you keep at it to get that Melan no matter how many eggs it takes-- or do you eventually decide, enough's enough, I have other goals to work on, and give up? What's your criteria for deciding that? Do you stop after 500 eggs? 1000? More? Or do you stop after a speciic amount of shinies? How do you decide when to break your chain, and how do you well... manage to get yourself to do it? Once I start, I feel like I'm not allowed to stop no matter what, silly as that sounds. PR sticks are expensive. 😔
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Doduo's AvatarDoduo
Doduo's Avatar
I tend to just save all my chains if they're high enough (close to or over 500 eggs hatched) or if they've given me a nice time with S/A/M! Otherwise if I just do one hunt for one day, I'll break it if it's not too high or not worth keeping. I always save chains if they're legendary, exclusive or variant hunts! I tend to save all my good chains on the off chance someone might order a melan from me so I already have a good chain ready to go, otherwise I make a goal and once I meet that goal, I'll break the chain.
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Nightmøn's AvatarNightmøn
Nightmøn's Avatar
I personnally break my chaine once I get my goal weither its a melan or only a shiny. It did happen once that I got a troll party when I didnt wanted a melan at first, but then I go for it and broke my chain once I get the melan. Tho I have a saved tyrunt hunt for delta point purpose. And thats one of the two reason that make me save a chain. That and I rage quit before my goal but want to try again later *look at croaket chain*
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rãy22's Avatarrãy22
rãy22's Avatar
I stopped mine because i was bored and thought i already had enough specials
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Tredecim's AvatarTredecim
Tredecim's Avatar
I stopped and saved my weedle chain after 3k since I was getting tired
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Yukiko Shi's AvatarYukiko Shi
Yukiko Shi's Avatar
I tend to break my chains if I'm done with a hunt and have no intention on returning to. Most of the time I don't even bother trying for a melan (I hunt without a shiny charm/Uber charm/Hypermode) so getting a melan just feels like a dream. Whenever I save a chain, it's because I intend to go back to said chain and continue. As I'm typing this, I currently have 4 chains saved. Pawniard - 4000 (actually going for a melan). Rolycoly - 1321 (use when rock gem hunting/evolving) Wooper - 1375 (I would like a melan Wooper) Skiddo - 480 (incomplete hunt). I'm still sad I broke a Cranidos chain of 5000 before memory sticks and the change to the long chain bonus... But yeah, that's how I break my chains. Mainly when I'm done hunting for the shiny and albino I desire based on how many stages.
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Mistyme's AvatarMistyme
Mistyme's Avatar
I stopped my hunt since I was getting bored and it was taking too long... My first long hunt was when I was trying to get a melan pichu. 13,731 chain, no melan. And I didn't get to save it either because the memory sticks came out after I ended my hunt x.x My next long hunt would probably be the one I ended recently. I tried for a melan mareep, 10k chain, and no melan still xD I did get to save this one though :)
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I never break my chains since the PR Stick came out. I have one thats only 150ish because I didn't want to redo the start of the hunt when I went back to it. I like being able to go back to long chains even if I doubt I will. I have a few thousand anorith saved and I have all the bug/rock gems I'll ever need so I have 0 reason to go back to the hunt except for DP- which I don't tend to want to get Deltas and I'd probably hunt Nincada if I did want DP.
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