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Angel B.’s Variety Art + Sprite Stand![SPOOKY SALE]

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@Orre- Apologies for the wait on a response, but gotcha! I’ll get a start on it tomorrow, it’s getting rather late where I’m at and I have to get up a bit early ^-^””
Angel/Neo || 19 || Leo || She/They/He Genderfluid || Demisexual Biromantic || Taken
these are by me!
Check out my art and sprite shop here for more by me! Have a nice day!

Order Up!!

Still figuring how I’m going to format these, maybe I should use a custom post template... Anyways, thank you Orre for the commission! An icon of an icon, hot off the presses! Payment has been received and the watermark free version has been delivered! Have a wonderful day/night!
Sachiller's AvatarSachiller
Sachiller's Avatar
I want a knickknack Angel! Username: Sachiller Pokémon: Cryogonal Password: Heyo!
Avatar credit: Pokefarm's 2017 Advent Calender
@Sachiller- Apologies for the wait on the response, it was getting late over here! I’ll get on that order ASAP.


One glassy boi for Sachiller! Sorry bout the wait!
by Tenshi-Akuma123 for Sachiller


[tip=by Tenshi-Akuma123 for Sachiller][img]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/709844823296835616/765606178444935208/GlassCryog.png[/img][/tip]
While I’m here,

I Have An Announcement!

Here soon, I’ll be adding Halloween sprite offerings and with it I’ll be opening adopts and gachas! Also I’ll be putting in a Halloween-themed “Spooky Sale” on art, so keep an eye out for all that!
And here’s a preview of that sprite above on plain posts so you can test it with different skins to see how it looks!
by Tenshi-Akuma123 for Sachiller
Hope you enjoy, and hope to see you again!

The spooky sale is on!!

Check the Gallery for details! Spooky sprites have also been added.

The Gacha and Adopts are now open!!

It's been a long time coming, but they're here, check them out and give the gachas a spin! Five adoptable sprites are already in the adoption center for your consideration too. Have a nice day and enjoy your stay!
Could I get the togekiss for gp?
@XIIIBlackCatXIII- Sure thing! Send it on over and I can hand you the code for easy copy pasting!
Big bump! Sale is still on, will be going until Nov. 10th!

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