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Matamoja's AvatarMatamoja
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Here I will be selling animated baits that look like this:

Important stuff:

They cost 25gp or equivalent. The finished gif will be sent in a PM, not posted here. The size is a bit smaller than 250x250 pixels by default, but you can specify a different size. I'm not doing any pokefarm exclusives. Evolutions, megas, alternative forms and such things are all fine ^w^ Heavily based on official pokemon art. I will not be changing the designs or adding anything extra to the baits. While your order is still in the 'orders' category you can edit it as much as you want. Please provide a direct link back to the shop when giving credit ^^ Important note.

order form (optional)

[b]Pokémon[/b]: [b]Gender/Forme (if applicable)[/b]: [b]Other?[/b]:
Click to see progress of orders~
Original template made by D√ļliner
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I I don't need to fill a form with the site to use these right?
sprites made by SaltyUWUsprites made By Orchid made here lesbeowulf
Matamoja's AvatarMatamoja
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QUOTE originally posted by LittleReddHero

I I don't need to fill a form with the site to use these right?
No, you don't ^^
StarWarsGirl's AvatarStarWarsGirl
StarWarsGirl's Avatar
Hi! Could I get a full Magikarp bait? ^^
Panda1440's AvatarPanda1440
Panda1440's Avatar
Pokémon: Dedenne Gender (if applicable): any Other?: no, thats it! thanks!
bearkin's Avatarbearkin
bearkin's Avatar
Pokémon: rockruff Gender (if applicable): n/a Other?: I've been hunting for bait like this and oh boy!
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wyrdfell's Avatarwyrdfell
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Pokémon: Furret. Gender (if applicable): N/A Other?: Not that I can think of! :)
Howlheart200's AvatarHowlheart200
Howlheart200's Avatar
Dang, so cute! Could I get an Espurr? I'll send payment when you finish.
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SaltyUwU's AvatarSaltyUwU
SaltyUwU's Avatar
Hiya! Can I get a Snom one please? ^w^
:P Profile done by RomVHS at their wonderful Roulette Art Shop! Buying/Swapping for Death Wings! U w U
DarkGerald1's AvatarDarkGerald1
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Pokémon: Vulpix Gender (if applicable): N/A Other?: I need this to encourage me to keep on!
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