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Lonely Heart's AvatarLonely Heart
Lonely Heart's Avatar
I need a ridiculous numer of RTEs at the moment so I want to try to knock some of those out since I have a little bit of funds right now. I'm not really looking to buy all of them right now. I will offer 1.5k per evo. Please note: I am not offering anything other than credits at this moment. Second note: Please don't set up any trades until I have responded. And please send one as a trade and the rest as gifts. It's much easier for me to pay altogether than 1.5k in each trade. I need the following:
Type # Needed
Thanks for your attention!
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ShadowRotom's AvatarShadowRotom
ShadowRotom's Avatar
I think I still have a good amount of weedle(some can evolve twice) for poison evos
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Lonely Heart's AvatarLonely Heart
Lonely Heart's Avatar
Okay! Will you let me know how many evos you have total? That will help me figure out payment.
AmethystX's AvatarAmethystX
AmethystX's Avatar
I can sell 6 water RTE for 9k credits! Oh I've also got 3 Weedle (so would those be 3k each?) and a Spinarak!
Lonely Heart's AvatarLonely Heart
Lonely Heart's Avatar
Please send!
MistLeaf's AvatarMistLeaf
MistLeaf's Avatar
I have 2 bellsprout (1 evolve without stone), 2 bulbasaur (2 evolutions), a koffing (1 evolve), and an ekans (1 evolve). So 6 total pokemon, 8 poison evolutions. Edit: It's leveled. Everything's ready, if you want them.
Lonely Heart's AvatarLonely Heart
Lonely Heart's Avatar
I'll definitely take them. I see you've already set up trades, so I will just offer on those
faeiri's Avatarfaeiri
faeiri's Avatar
hello! i have 27 water, 20 ground, 2 poison, 1 electric, and 1 rock, for a total of 51 evos, which would be 76.5k if you have enough for that?
Lonely Heart's AvatarLonely Heart
Lonely Heart's Avatar
I most definitely do, and would love to take those off your hands :) Feel free to send them my way when you have a chance!
Kaolin's AvatarKaolin
Kaolin's Avatar
I can offer a batch of 40 poison RTEs for 60kcr :D
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