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MikeNike's AvatarMikeNike
MikeNike's Avatar
PeacefulTyrunt, I can be your friend my cousin is autistic to.
wyrdfell's Avatarwyrdfell
wyrdfell's Avatar
hello! could i please dex trade the following megas: 1. m steelix 2. m kangaskhan 3. m scizor 4. m pinsir 5. m aerodactyl thank you!! :)
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MikeNike's AvatarMikeNike
MikeNike's Avatar
Could I please dex mega Garchomp, mega Lucario, mega Lopunny, and mega Abomasnow
ChaCharzard's AvatarChaCharzard
ChaCharzard's Avatar
Hi there I'm just starting and wanted to know if I could get these babbies? Pair 1 Pair 1
racoonism's Avatarracoonism
racoonism's Avatar
MikeNike's AvatarMikeNike
MikeNike's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Technopig

Can I get registeel and regeice
I can give you a Registeel
Can i plz have a Flying Pichu and an Early Bird Natu and if you have one a Purrloin (Halloween) plz and thank you. DM me with more of the info. plz and thank you I've never tried to get pokemon this was so it's my first time trying it out.
Lia Blossom's AvatarLia Blossom
Lia Blossom's Avatar
Hi could I get Purrloin (Halloween), Apocalyptic Shroomish, Ardik pair, and a Jirachi?

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