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Beckelby's AvatarBeckelby
Beckelby's Avatar
I just reached 15 tokens for the first time (yay!) and was trying to decide which egg I wanted when I noticed it says after the season ends the price of the Fakemon will be reduced. I was wondering if it's worth unlocking an egg now or should I wait for the season to end? I did read the wiki but I'm mainly just not sure if I'll have enough tokens by the end of the season to unlock everything since some objectives are harder to reach than others. Is there a new Fakemon for each of the 12 events because that would be 144 tokens. If so, is getting 144 tokens feasible for someone who only plays a couple hours at most each day? I have reached the hard goal for the past three events if that helps calculate.
Grey Skies's AvatarGrey Skies
Grey Skies's Avatar
If you're trying to hit Arceus rank before this season ends, I'd say go for it If that's not a goal you're trying to hit anytime soon, I'd say wait for the token price to drop ^^ And no, there isn't a new fakemon dropped every tourney, this week and next will have a random old fakemon egg be the top prize and then the two weeks after that will have the 2 new eggs respectively! it just rotates ^^
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Beckelby's AvatarBeckelby
Beckelby's Avatar
Thank you! I didn't really want to wait, I'm excited to hatch my first tourney egg!

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