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How do you increase a pokemon's happiness?

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How do you increase a pokemon's happiness?
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You can either feed it something like sweethearts or put it in a field that either matches its type or has it next to the green heart at the bottom! If it's a duel type pkmn, though, be wary that it's other typing isn't next to the red heart
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However to raise affection you need to feed them perfect berries - writing about this because sylveons. Also for eevees you cannot evolve Eevee into sylveon when they are happy enough to evolve into espeon/umbreon. This means if you want to evolve an Eevee into sylveon and it's already at full happiness you'll need to either trade it (which resets happiness) or place it in a field it doesn't like to decrease happiness. (Ghost type field for eevees). To raise affection enough to evolve 5 perfect berries of the preferred flavour are enough (5 of any for "any" Mons)

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