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Poke adoptables (Rolling auction) Halloween Adopts

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POLL: Would you be interested in buying one of my future designs (example: halloween edition) for USD?

Total votes: 22

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ElMango418's AvatarElMango418
ElMango418's Avatar

Hewwo! Welcome to my rolling pokemon designs adoptables!


All pfq rules apply The auction will end after 48 hours that there are no more bids Only use the design if you won the auction and already paid for your bid You will have 72 hours to pay your bid after the auction ends, if the design is not paid it will go on sale for a fixed price Please do not edit the original design image. if you want to make a change to the character you can do it, but do it in a separate reference Please credit me on: Onsite: My PFQ Profile Offsite: My Twitter Toyhouse: My Toyhouse

QUOTE originally posted by amyc123

what is a "rolling" auction? when one design sells, another one replaces it, so there will always be new fusions coming in!
This auction is inspired by the Amyc123's auction! *All designs / drawings are made by me, some are made by computer with a graphic tablet and others are made by hand on my cell phone, so they can be different sometimes!

Past adoptions

Appletune x Alcremie fusion

Eevee x Litwick fusion

Chespin x Pincurchin

Eevee x Noibat

SCP-2295 x Teddiursa

Maractus x Eevee

Vulpix x Chandelure

Doctor Plague Marowak

Wonderland Lopunny

Death Wish Jirachi

5kcr / 5gp / 1zc ratio

Limited time adopts

This is NOT an auction

Calaberitas de azucar Duskull

#1 = 20zc OPEN #2 = CLOSED #3 = 20zc OPEN

Auction 1

Starting bid: 20zc Minimum increase: 5zc Highest bid: Autobuy: 500zc / equiv

Auction 2

Starting bid: 20zc Minimum increase: 10zc Highest bid: Autobuy: 500zc / equiv

Auction 3

Starting bid: 20zc Minimum increase: 10zc Highest bid: Autobuy: 500zc / equiv

🌰;;Mango // 🍂;;Idiot // 🍁;;Artist

Journal - Rolling Auction
Template made by me for my use only // Original Miss Kobayashi's dragon maid gif
Trikzter's AvatarTrikzter
Trikzter's Avatar
Is the currency ratio 5kcr / 5gp / 1zc? If so, can I bid 75kcr on auction 3?
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ElMango418's AvatarElMango418
ElMango418's Avatar
Yup, that's the currency ratio and ofc ^^
Jalakins's AvatarJalakins
Jalakins's Avatar
100zc on 3 please~
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ElMango418's AvatarElMango418
ElMango418's Avatar
Added! ^^
icedragonboi's Avataricedragonboi
icedragonboi's Avatar
110 ZC on 3!
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ElMango418's AvatarElMango418
ElMango418's Avatar
SB in ZC on Auction 1 please (15) <3
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ElMango418's AvatarElMango418
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ElMango418's AvatarElMango418
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Auction 2 has a new design and a rule has been added ^^

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