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AwnFox's AvatarAwnFox
AwnFox's Avatar
About time I made a new one of these since I haven't had the spoons to set up shop just yet. Anyway, I've done tooons of hatching during the tourney and sorting through my hidden fields to fill up the other ones and they are overflowing, please send help.


◼ First come, first serve. Only ask me in the thread, not in PMs as long as this thread is still up. ◼ Link the pokemon you want. (Yes, you can do this on mobile too, I have done it myself.) The coding is [url=link]pokemon[/url] ◼ Only ask for five at a time as I have limited trade slots and tend to get tons of requests at once. It'll save us all a lot of hassel. ◼ If the latest post in the thread is me posting that I've sent stuff (or there has been a post from me since you last posted) then you are free to request five more!

fields with limits

◼ delta: one per trainer ◼ legendaries: two pokemon per request post ◼ breeding pairs: one pair per trainer (the pair together counts as one of your five requests) ◼ fossils: one per trainer ◼ forme change and totems: Forme changes are a free for all. Totems are one per trainer. (You may request that I make a totem for you if you do not see one you want. You may only do this once though!) ◼ misc adopts: one per type per trainer
Tips of any kind are appreciated but are not a necessity! <3

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Collecting Wishing Stones for a future Jirachi hunt. I hoard Gragons! Send me any of your unwanted lil noodle dragons~

kiieatspocky's Avatarkiieatspocky
kiieatspocky's Avatar
Can I have this delta ghost bby? And Thanks in advance
Peachi's AvatarPeachi
Peachi's Avatar
Hi! Could I please have these? Thank you! c: Delta Magikarp Dialga Thundurus Blipbug Goodra
My fields are optimized for clicking! 9.5k S&S Timid (Sweet/Pecha) Pokemon ♡
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sprite made by Matamoja
ricewithice's Avatarricewithice
ricewithice's Avatar
Hello! I would like: x x x
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hey, i'm ricewithice. i'm a rice fanatic and a big loser
original code by shxdow, modified by yours truly + a bit of erable's code
Veggiesaur's AvatarVeggiesaur
Veggiesaur's Avatar
Can I get these three, please? Delta Surskit Slyveon Totem Wishiwashi Thank you! :)
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Drsweet25's AvatarDrsweet25
Drsweet25's Avatar
Could I snatch Delta Legend Legend Totem Thank you! ;3;
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Giyuu's AvatarGiyuu
Giyuu's Avatar
Could I get these please? ^^ Dartrix Servine Shinxel Snowpoke
Name change: Chocomaro -> Giyuu


LF: Shiny Dexes || LF: Albino Dexes || LF: Stuff

🐔CHICKEN LORD🐔 boom boom tr: 3851
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AwnFox's AvatarAwnFox
AwnFox's Avatar
All sent! c: If you did not receive something you asked for it means someone else asked for it before you, sorry!
Frosmoth's AvatarFrosmoth
Frosmoth's Avatar
Hello! Could I get these guys from you please? C: Pachirisu Togetic Rampardos Furfrou Venonat Thank you!
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