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🐾The Return of the Dirt (Tectonic Rage August 2020) 🐾

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Iceland's AvatarIceland
Iceland's Avatar

Welcome to the Tectonic Rage Type Race Thread! The Dirty Dan.. sorry i mean The Dirty Reu is back Welcome to the dirty team, i am Iceland and i'll be the host!

Members & Clicklist

Clicklist Iceland: TBA NeønGhosts: Sandshrew MelonCrusher: Random Sandslash666: Cubone ALilBitofMocha: Gible Asteroid Panda: Sandile Crøwne: Sandshrew XØXØ: Stunfisk Galarian Greenbunny1998: Random Mintyleaf: Not sure bonestarsoul: Trapinch Berkanna: Random Mnkn10: ?? TøkyøMëwMëw: Trapinch Victoria-Sowel: Diglett Spoilers: Random Blazebrem: Phanpy Tyjoh: Nincada SalsaDolphin: Silicobra Sunfrøst: Random jujulaglu: Random Amethyst: Random Lexya:

Egg Chart

EXP Eggs
50% rock
50% bug
50% ghost
50% steel
50% rock
50% water
50% flying
50% ice
50% fire
50% water
50% psychic
50% dark
50% electric
50% steel
50% flying
50% ice
6,400 none
50% rock
50% ghost
7,680 none
10,240 none
50% rock
50% dragon
50% flying
50% dragon

Point Chart

EXP Points
1,280 1
2,560 2
3,840 3
5,120 4
6,400 5
7,680 6
8,960 7
10,240 8
20,480 16
30,720 24

Available Pairs

User Available Pairs

Shelter CSS

The original type race CSS was created by bishop. They're not active on the site anymore, so here is an updated version, made by pheaux. Here you can find custom CSS, that you add to your site skin and that will highlight all eggs of your type race tea, so they are easier to find. To add it go to 'Farm' > 'Other Links' and select 'Site Skins' under the tool-section. If you use the default skin, you need to create a new skin first. Then follow the instructions in the post.


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NeønGhosts's AvatarNeønGhosts
NeønGhosts's Avatar
Looks like it's dirt time.
Hello, everyone! I'm thinking of hunting Sandshrew this month - hopefully I reach my goal for my Goomy hunt before the race starts. If anyone has extra Sandshrew so that I can make a breeding pair, that would be most appreciated :D In other news, I have this bad boi whom I'd love to put forward as a mascot <3
NeonGhosts (Neon) | He/Him
MelonCrusher's AvatarMelonCrusher
MelonCrusher's Avatar
Hello! Ill be on this team this month, im unsure what I will hunt, possibly just randoms from the shelter :)
I own my avatar <3
Sandslash666's AvatarSandslash666
Sandslash666's Avatar
hey all im on this team for this month x3 i have 2 ground hunts saved on pr sticks a 600 chain sandshrew and a 5k cubone chain not sure which one ill pick back up but it will be one of them for the tr xP

Things I'm collecting

× 3 / 200
× 19 / 200
× 54 /500
× 432 / 12500
Avartar done by tjsauce
Iceland's AvatarIceland
Iceland's Avatar
Welcome to all :D!
Hi, I’m on Ground this month. I will be hunting Gible.
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Iceland's AvatarIceland
Iceland's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by ALilBitofMocha

Hi, I’m on Ground this month. I will be hunting Gible.
Welcome to our team! ^^
Woohoo im pumped for this month cause I'll be hunting one of my favorite pokemon, sandile! I have the following pairs available, Tyranitar 98% Piloswine 99% Golem (kanto) 97% Sandslash (kanto) 96% Yamask (Galarian) 94% Excadrill 92% Hippopotas 90% Good luck everyone!
× 80 / 750
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Crøwne's AvatarCrøwne
Crøwne's Avatar
Hello, I'm also going to hunt Sandshrew.
XØXØ's Avatar
Hey everyone! I’m on Team Ground this time! I’ll be hunting the Stunfisk Galarian forme for the race! I have a Geodude & Wooper pair if anyone would like to borrow for the race :)
I'm Back!

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