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hunting boost percent help

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natureluvr's Avatarnatureluvr
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I was just wondering how high can my melanistic percent go? does it go up to 100% or does it go into the thousands like shiny and albino percents? Also how do these boosts even work? I have like 4,000% but I would have thought 100% means guaranteed so idk why it goes all the way to four thousand. Can anyone explain how the percents work? Thanks so much!!
Mareep's AvatarMareep
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I'm pretty sure the melan boosts caps at 150%, but it's been a while since I had a chain over 10k. That is for arceus though. For non-arceus it would be 100%. Arceus gives 1.5% per 100 eggs hatched in that chain, non-arceus gives 1%. For how arceus boost works, it makes it either more likely to hatch a shiny when your pokemon hatched as albino or the other way around. I don't think Niet has share which one it is. With the normal chain, where you have a boost of 4,000%, that is a boost, not the actual chance. A boost of 100% means something gets doubled, for example if I get a 100% bonus on my work, my paycheck doubles. A boost of 4,000% means the base chance times 40. The base chance is not known, but let's say it's about 1/8,000. Now with the boost it turns to 40/8,000 or 1/200. That is the average of course, so you won't always get a shiny every 200 eggs
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QUOTE originally posted by Mareep

For non-arceus it would be 100%.
Actually, it caps out at 40% for non-Arceus users, on chain 4k.
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oh thank you so much everyone this is SUPER helpful to me!! :)

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