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Updated Forum Games Rules

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The rules in this thread are in addition to the main Site Rules. While the main point of this forum is to have fun, there are some reminders we would like you to be aware of:
  • No sandwich-posting - if you post in a game thread, you must wait until three other people have posted before you may post again.
  • Games that involve gifting or trading are not allowed as of 23 April 2019.
  • Rules specific to that thread/forum game, and that do not reflect site rules, are the responsibility of the thread owner and/or their designated thread helpers to enforce. If a player repeatedly breaks a game's rules despite being approached by the thread owner or helpers, then the thread owner or helpers may report the player for disrespect.
  • We do not allow clan-only games in the Games forum. They either need to be hosted in the actual clan, in the contest area, or off-site (optionally in journals with entries through PMs).
  • If the "Chat" outweighs the actual topic of the game, the thread will be deleted. This has happened far too much in the past, and is frowned upon.
  • 3+ words per post is nice, but is not required. Please do not take advantage of this to SPAM.
  • 'When Will It Hatch' games are allowed in this forum, but they are not contests and should be treated as games. You may not require a fee to join the game. If you give up without hatching the specific Pokemon, you must apologise to the participants and address it in the thread. We do not recommend giving out prizes in these games. Note that repeatedly starting this type of game, and then giving up, will result in penalties on your account.
  • Threads that haven't been posted in for 2+ weeks will be deleted.
These rules are subject to change at any time. Last update: 24/Jul/2021

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