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How do you people earn money so fast?

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I see people casually throw around millions of credits for single items sometimes, and it’s freaking me out. My weekly income is: -Fickle Boxes, but minimum 150k -About 145k from Contests -About 125k from Fabulous Friday -So combined, that’s only 420k a week, not even enough to buy a Music Box or Jade Orb. So... how do you all earn money so fast?
I have a complete set of Arceus plates! You can borrow them for 10k credits/10 gp/2 Zophan a plate!
Save up your boxes until you have enough to pack into a boxbox - that's an easy 100zc/500k+ credits if you sell them in the forums or on the market. Do not open them unless you actually need summons and even then its better to just sell them and use the money to buy the summon directly. Selling gems can also be decently profitable depending on which gem and what the market is like for that individual type, but it can also end up with you just having hundreds of gems that you can't sell. Also, selling specials... Granted unless its brand new, a delta special, you're selling at delta point price its hard to move them because the market is crazy over-saturated. Its really about finding one of the profitable markets and inserting yourself there.
Buying h rings, PM for pricing
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QUOTE originally posted by thë räptürë

Save up your boxes until you have enough to pack into a boxbox - that's an easy 100zc/500k+ credits.
Aren’t Boxboxes crazy unprofitable? Boxes are 30k, so 21 should be worth 630k/630/126. Nobody is ever willing to buy at that correct price.
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Actually, I see boxes are around 20/25kcr.
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QUOTE originally posted by AudreyC27

Actually, I see boxes are around 20/25kcr.
I don’t know, I’ve always had them sell for around 30k on the Market within 24 hours.
AudreyC27's AvatarAudreyC27
AudreyC27's Avatar
Yes, but in trade shops they're valued around 20/25kcr, and boxboxes at 500/550kcr. But if you can sell them on the Market for more, fine by me, keep doing that.
They might go for more on the market but to be honest I haven't sold mine in a while cause I'm hoarding them. The only time I sell them is directly for zc, and the forum price is a bit lower than the market. But that's the luxury of directly getting zc instead of needing to swap currencies with another user.
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
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I've been able to swap boxboxes for delta shinies, two for delta albinos, so they do get you a hefty amount of currency since special deltas are pretty costly.
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Sell your boxes on the market unless you need quick zc. Other options for 'quick' money are - buy zc with actual money - browse the forum and market for good deals and resell stuff Then of course there are things that mostly the more active players can profit from - HM gives you 500gp + a lucky seal every 28 days - Once you've reached wishalloy, every special you hatch can give you a flawless gem, which you can sell for 10k directly from your inventory. This is only profitable if you hatch a lot of course and hunt with all (most) boosts - selling extra melans. You can usually sell melans for ~2zc/dp, so any 5k melan can net you a nice and juicy 1.6k zc. Again, this is only profitable for people who hunt a lot. The people who can drop a ton of money on whatever they want are usually really active players (hunters or resellers) or buy stuff with actual money. If you just play a little for fun, those numbers are not really realistsic
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Since no one has said this yet: Sell your junk. Gummies may only be worth 700 credits each, but 10 of those is 7k! Evo items can be anywhere from 1k-1750 credits, and it adds up quickly. And don't market sell unless you have the time or just want to gather up credits for one reason or another, your item could sell in seconds, or it could sit for months, so it's not a guarenteed "quick" way. Sell from the inventory of you need credits in a hurry
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