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PMA - PokéFarm Merchants Association

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PokéFarm Merchants Association
Welcome to the PMA!
The PokéFarm Merchants Association exists to assist customers in finding just what they're looking for with as little time wasted as possible.


  1. PFQ Rules apply (obviously).
  2. Each member may make ONE (1) post in this thread. Once the post has been made and reviewed, it will be added to the listings. This may not (will probably not) happen immediately.
  3. The post must use the form below. Any modifications to this form MUST meet all legibility requirements. It is strongly preferred that you do not use elaborate templates.
  4. The post may link to only ONE (1) Trade Shop. The Trade Shop must comply with all trade rules and legibility requirements.
    • If you both co-own a Trade Shop and own a solo Trade Shop, or co-own multiple Trade Shops, you will need to pick one to post. A co-owned Shop may be posted by one or all of its shopkeepers, provided they do not post more than one Shop each.
  5. DO NOT post trade offers, comments, or questions in this thread.
  6. You are responsible for keeping your post up-to-date. We don't want to waste customers' time by sending them to dead Shops.
  7. As a member of the Clan Triad, the PMA shares a staff-run Discord server with the Mass Click Association and the Shiny Collectors Association. Once you have made your membership post, feel free to click here and join!
    • Please remember that all PFQ chat rules apply. Please identify yourself and your membership in the #welcome channel within 24 hours of joining.

How to Join

To join, copy the form below and make ONE (1) post in the thread.
  • Shop Names: Shop names should be hyperlinked to your Trade Shop.
  • Tags: Maximum of three (3) tags. These should describe the long-term, CORE function(s) of your Trade Shop. These should not be changed often. See the next post for accepted tags.
  • Description: Keep this to 100 words or less. You can update this as often as you wish.


[b]Shop Name:[/b] [b]Tags:[/b] # # # [b]Description:[/b] [b]Last Updated:[/b]
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Methos's AvatarMethos
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Accepted Tags
Use only these tags in your shop posts!
Additional tags may be debated by joining the Discord chat.

Pokémon Tags

  • #Breeding Pairs
  • #Custom Pokémon Hunts
  • #Dex Trades
  • #Free Pokémon
  • #RTE
  • #Shinies/Albinos

Item Tags

  • #Boxes
  • #Currency
  • #Gems
  • #Mega Stones
  • #Relics
  • #Summon Items

Methos's AvatarMethos
Methos's Avatar
PokéFarm Merchants Association
Last Updated: May 6th, 2021
Attention Customers! Shops are listed under their relevant tag(s). Each shop links to the shopkeeper's post, which contains a more detailed description of what they are currently trading.

Pokémon Trading

Breeding Pairs

Custom Pokémon Hunts

Dex Trades

Free Pokémon



Item & Currency Trading




    Mega Stones


      Summon Items

      Methos's AvatarMethos
      Methos's Avatar
      Reserved for future expansion.
      Shazi's AvatarShazi
      Shazi's Avatar
      Shop Name: Blep's Farming and Mercantile Tags: #Shinies/Albinos #Gems #BreedingPairs Description: At Blep's Farming and Merchantile we have leftover shinies and albinos from melan hunts, gems for anyone who might need some and sometimes some breeding pairs (all of which will be above 90% wherever possible) We also have regular Dittos on Sale! Last Updated: 13/Jan/2021
      496 Ice Fangs before hunt starts
      450 Gray Stones before hunt starts
      Mass Click Association - Trade Shop - Art Shop - Guide to 90%+ Pairs
      Signature by Cele, Avatar by Novie
      Methos's AvatarMethos
      Methos's Avatar
      Shop Name: Tooth & Scale - Shiny/Albino Distributors Tags: #Shinies/Albinos #Gems Description: Selling a wide variety of Shiny and Albino Pokémon for multiple payment options, including relics and gems. Selling 4 kinds of Flawless Gems. Last Updated: July 22, 2020
      Suríya's AvatarSuríya
      Suríya's Avatar
      Snek's Black Market!
      Shop Name: Snek's Black Market Tags: #Shiny/Albino, #Gems, #Boxes Description: Snek's Black Market focuses on selling pokemon from hunts, swapping gems (of badges that I'm Wishalloy in) and hiring people to hunt Box Boxes for me. Please note that I DO NOT SELL Box Boxes. Silvally/Arceus, as well as Shiny/Albino Arceus, Genesect and Deoxys, dexing is also available but is not a huge focus as it is very infrequently requested. Last Updated: Match 03, 2021
      Art done by BananaLizard of my Shop Mascot "Skari"
      Current Hunt: Melan Cufant & Steel Gems Chain Length: 101 -- Shinies Hatched: 1
      Gems by Cele
      All hunt shinies and albinos can be found for sale in Snek's Black Market. No trade PMs please.
      Cele's AvatarCele
      Cele's Avatar
      Shop Name: Cele's Shop Tags: #Shinies/Albinos #Gems #Dex Trades Description: Sells spare Shinies/Albinos and Gems from hunts while providing a selection of melanistic Pokemon Dex entries. Buys Cloned Sashes for 100ZC/ea when funds permit. Last Updated: 05 May 2021
      sig code and sig bg image made by me
      Arsenal's AvatarArsenal
      Arsenal's Avatar
      Shop Name: Arsenal's shop Tags: #Shinies/Albinos #Gems #Dex Trades Description: Arsenal's shop sells a selection of shinies and albinos, including S/A Kartana. The shop offers the possibility to dex several melans, as well as to swap/buy gems that I have already reached wishalloy for (Normal, Water, Grass, Fairy). Also buying Life Antlers. Last Updated: May 3rd, 2021
      0 || 0/504 || 0
      Buying Life Antlers at 300k
      Official Bulbapedia Sawsbuck sprite used for avatar
      Glad.Silver's AvatarGlad.Silver
      Glad.Silver's Avatar
      Shop Name:Silver's Hunts and More! Tags: #Custom Pokémon Hunts # Dex Trades #Mega Stones Description: A small shop that offers a few things for pretty cheap. There are Mega Stones, Summon Items (I dont have a lot of those most of the time). I have Shelter hunts and Dex Trades too! Last Updated: March 4th 2021
      • Stuff
      • Random
      Im always open to RP! PM if interested!
      Sig by CottonEevee for Glad.Silver's use only * BG is MHA official art.

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