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Twilight Skies Daycare (Open!) [Actual RP]

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Zapticuno's AvatarZapticuno
Zapticuno's Avatar
[For those looking for the setup, here it is!] As her trainer carried her to the daycare, Betelgeuse was getting very nervous. Her trainer should know she was scared of other Pokemon! After what had happened while she lived in the wild... No. Others were not good. Well, except for Butter. He was the only other Pokemon Betelgeuse could trust. And she was probably going to be in that daycare without him! How DARE her trainer do this! Once they entered the daycare and reached the counter, Betelgeuse said to her trainer through her mind, Oh, please please PLEASE don't leave me here! Her trainer smiled down at her and replied through her mind, Don't worry, you won't be left alone. Her trainer set her down on the counter and pulled out a Pokeball- an Ultra Ball. With a flash of light, a feral Ultra Necrozma appeared next to the trainer. Butter! ~~~ When Butter was released from his Pokeball, he was immediately greeted by Betelgeuse jumping onto his face. He laughed, saying, "Yes, hello to you too, my little friend. Did you really think our trainer would leave you here without leaving me as well?" The little Wimpod just made happy bug noises. the person behind the counter motioned for them and their trainer to follow, and they did. They were led through a couple doors, and found themselves in a room with various kinds of Pokemon, and there was a door that led outside to a large field area. Their trainer kneeled down, rubbing both Butter and Betelgeuse on the head. She said, "Now, you too try to not get into too much trouble, okay?" Butter smiled and said, "We'll try!" Their trainer laughed, stood up, and walked back through the doors they had went through. Butter turned to face where the other Pokemon were. "So," he said to Betelgeuse, who was still on his head, "what should we do?" She replied, "Uh, I don't know." Butter went to one corner and sat down. "Well then, we'll just sit here for now." ((PHH I promise you guys don't have to write this much! I'm probably going to normally write quite less than this. Just write what you can! Feel free to do whatever, including walking up to Butter and Betelgeuse! Or, like, cause chaos. Just follow the rules ^^)
Hey, check this book out! (Note: the book isn't by me, and it's in German) The link leads to Amazon where you can get the paperback or ebook versions.
BizzleMizzle's AvatarBizzleMizzle
BizzleMizzle's Avatar
Shade's trainer came up to the daycare to register him so he could relax for a while with his grandparents. Shade didn't really care as he just wanted to go to the library to read some books and stay away from the other pokemon. His trainer dropped him off with a smile before walking away, with Shade going to the library to read some of his favorite books in peace.
Luna looked up at her trainer in worry, she didn't like interacting with others without blaze or river. they were the ones who were good with others, not her. her trainer registered her and brought her to the back, petting her head before leaving, she was alone. she was internally screaming. she looked around and went to the library. hopefully no one would make her talk to them, she found an astrology book and started to read.

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the image doesent fully show up. also my new icon is by aidanshepard -the umbreon is luna, she's the big sister to blaze (the flareon). their super close and i joke that blaze steals luna's laptop to make spider jokes.

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