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Underrated melans/albinos?

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This simply a thread for PFQ specials you think dont get enough love. a personal example is melan paras, just look at it its so pretty same goes for belosom
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Foiry's AvatarFoiry
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This one!! The colors are so pretty all together and I love it.
infernape. look at how pretty!!
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RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
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I swear to god if they don't keep the gem vein in the revamp i'm gonna cry. It's so pretty
I will forever love albino Quilladin. I think the colors are just so soft and beautiful. I love it in Quilladin more than either of its evolutions, to be honest.
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Rebecca Gold's AvatarRebecca Gold
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I think melan Roselia and Reshiram look beautiful, and I hope they don't change much colour palette.
ForfLord's AvatarForfLord
ForfLord's Avatar
This will surprise nobody but I would lay down my life for the person who picked the colours for albino Qwilfish. I think it uses the same colours as the albino Cyndaquil line? (Which I also absolutely adore.) It's really well balanced and refreshing imo. Also shoutout to the melan, which is just chocolate and looks delicious. It's simple but I love it as well.
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murfijs's Avatarmurfijs
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same i love reshirans color too personally i love groudons melan color. tip:if you dont want the melan colors to change just use the css and change the pokemons image with the one you like.i mean other ppl wont see it but you still will :p
M4jority's AvatarM4jority
M4jority's Avatar
Oh wow I love reshiram's melan colours too. It looks beautiful honestly. Not too sure if this melan gets a lot of love but I really like lilligants melan. I think lilligant is pretty cool in the regular pokemon games, but its melan sprite takes it up a notch. It just looks amazing imo. (I love all of lilligants special forms tbh)
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