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(pretty much all of this is headcanons lol. gonna be locked until i write something else.) Pokémon play a vital role in society. More than you might think. They aid in construction, healthcare, tailoring, all sorts of jobs Pokémon can do. The Pokémon seem to enjoy helping out as well, but how do they feel about the work they're given?

Therapy Pokémon - Lucario

Everyone probably knows by this point that a lot of Pokémon have a strong sense of empathy. You've got Pokémon like Gardevoir, Sylveon, Espeon, Indeedee- a lot of Psychic-type Pokémon, actually. Except Sylveon. Duh. But everyone forgets about Lucario! Our main thing is sensing aura, we're better at the whole empathy thing than any of those 4! We can read the emotions of people and Pokémon from over a kilometer away! But oh, we're too tough-looking or something for that? I don't believe that for a second! Gardevoir certainly doesn't scream "cuddly" to me! But nooo, Sylveon and Indeedee are cute! Gardevoir and Espeon are pretty! Lucario are just battlers! We're more important for Mega Evolution! I don't even like fighting. I can't say I don't sometimes wish I was better at fighting than I was at emotional garbage, just so other Lucario could stop being so mean to me about it, but I like helping people! I like making people feel better! Humans are weird, and their problems are weird, and I like learning about it. Though, sometimes I learn things I don't wanna know. Like, this one boy I worked with, he said some stuff I don't wanna repeat, and I could tell he wasn't exaggerating anything, either. It was really sad. But that's just life, some bad stuff happens, and that's where Pokemon like me come in! Gardevoir really only have their emotion-sensing stuff from before they evolved. Gallade naturally prefer fighting, Gardevoir typically don't prefer fighting as much. Typically! There's always weird cases! But anyways, Gardevoir are usually employed as therapy Pokemon because they're older and more mature than Kirlia and Ralts. Kirlia and Ralts really hate negativity. I mean, they don't hate it NEARLY as much as Hattena and its evolutions, but... Yeah. Gardevoir (and Kirlia and Ralts!) kinda put themselves in the position of the patient, feeling exactly how they're feeling-- I know I'm literally just describing the definition of empathy, but hear me out! Gardevoir can predict the future and such, so they usually know how to help in that case. Gardevoir are weird, though. They always refer to patients as "lord," or "lady." Yes, I know they can't hear that. Sylveon and Espeon are a strange case. Sylveon are undeniably better at emotional support than Espeon, but Espeon are more common since evolving Eevee into Sylveon is apparently really hard. But yeah, Espeon are good at predicting people's next actions, and even the actions they should take, so Sylveon and Espeon are often employed in pairs. I met this one couple both working as ESP's-- Emotional Support Pokémon, not extrasensory perception. A male Sylveon and a female Espeon pair. They were really nice to me. Not the point, I know, I'm getting to it! Sylveon will detect the immediate problem, Espeon will predict what they should do next, all that. Sylveon then calms them down if they're, like, having a panic attack or something, using an aura their ribbons give off. Patients also really like petting them. Weird, because they aren't particularly fuzzy. Get a Flareon for that! They're SUPER fuzzy! Indeedee are just as weird as Gardevoir, always calling the patients overly respectful terms. Yes, I know they can't hear that, but it still bothers me!!! Female Indeedee are usually more common than males as therapy Pokémon, since they're more "motherly." I think. Something like that. Indeedee, in my opinion, aren't really the greatest therapy Pokemon. Their main goal is making people happy, yes, but not through fixing their problems, by just serving them or whatever. Weeeird. But whatever, they can sense emotions, they get put to work, even if they aren't good at actually diagnosing problems. Even though Lucario like me aren't used for actual mental problem diagnosis stuff, we're still always in the room with the patients, since we have telepathy and we gotta cross that language barrier somehow. I'm still just a rookie at being a therapy 'mon, but the trainers say I'm really good at it so far!!! I like praise. If I do a good job, I get Poké Beans. I love Poké Beans. Beaaaans. ❤ Okay, I gotta stop thinking about Poké Beans before I break my tail hitting something. But Poke Beaaaans. ❤ ...Yes, us Lucario wag our tails like Growlithe and Rockruff do, shh... Someone new's gonna come in for an appointment soon. Gotta be ready! Gotta be prepared! Gotta go!
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Disaster Response Pokémon - Luxray

Sinnoh is a cruel region. The freezing cold blizzards in the north, the treacherous mountains in the center, and the urbanization in the east and west makes Sinnoh a pretty hard place for a wild Pokémon to live in. Sure, some benevolent humans could offer shelter to these poor Pokémon, but you can't expect an injured Pokémon to be open to a much larger creature with dangerous technology's help. My trainer works with a team that helps rescue trapped or otherwise injured Pokémon after a natural disaster strikes, such as a blizzard, landslide, what have you. My partners in crime, I should say, are an Abomasnow, Machamp, and Togekiss. And I'm a Luxray. Our trainer also has a Purugly, but she stays back in his house in Eterna City. We do too whenever we have downtime. When we've got work to do, I look for Pokémon that might be hiding or buried underneath rubble. Luxray like me are known for having some pretty damn good eyesight. X-ray vision. In the wild, it's to find either prey or lost packmates. We're also super fluffy, so some of the littler guys like clinging to me if I find 'em. Togekiss is a sweetheart. He's reassuring and doesn't let anyone give up hope. His job is to get an aerial view of the area and to help calm scared Pokémon. Togekiss aren't the least bit intimidating, unlike the rest of our team. Seriously, it's a ball of feathers with a giant never-fading smile. Who would look at that and think it's scary? That's why Togekiss is perfect for the job. He'll say some comforting words, make sure the Pokémon aren't in shock, all that. Doesn't hurt that Togekiss is a decent healer, either. Yeah, humans can't understand Togekiss, but his species is apparently a "good luck charm" or something, so they still trust him. Machamp is, oddly, the only female on our little rescue team. She carries Pokémon to shelter, since... Well, she's a Machamp. That's what they do, carry heavy weights. She's a bit terrifying though, as you'd expect from a giant wall of sheer muscle. Her job is easier than anyone else here, though. She carries. She lifts. That's really it. Pokémon weak to Fighting, which are abundant, don't usually want her to carry them either. Humans often don't really care, they're just happy someone came for them. Abomasnow naturally know their way in and out of Sinnoh's harsher climates. Ours does just that, finds places that people and Pokemon might be taking shelter, and lets us know. Humans and Pokémon recognize Abomasnow as a nature guardian, so they know to trust him. Abomasnow's huge size and bipedal stance also makes him good at carrying Pokemon to safety, though he can't carry things as heavy as Machamp can. Last month, our job was taking care of a major landslide at Mt. Coronet. Lucky that no towns or cities were affected, but there's always humans that like hiking or camping on Mt. Coronet, so we couldn't ignore the possibility that it was more than just Pokémon trapped. And that possibility came true. A Torterra was standing over their trainer to guard them from any debris. Poor thing's tree was nearly split in half cause of it. Machamp and Abomasnow had to cooperate to carry that Torterra back to safety, but the trainer wasn't an issue for them. That trainer couldn't have been older than 13, what were they doing there? Machamp and Abomasnow carried Torterra until there was enough flat surface for it to walk, but it was still in a massive amount of pain. Togekiss and I spotted a few trapped Clefairy who were trying to use Metronome to free themselves. It wasn't working, but one somehow hit me in the face with Sacred Fire. Yeah. The Clefairy that did that felt SUPER bad, but I thought it was hilarious. We... Were too late for some of them. That's never a fun sight. Togekiss takes it the worst out of all of us, since he's a Pokémon of peace and joy. We took everyone we managed to save over to Oreburgh City, the closest human settlement from the side of the mountain we were on. The humans were taken to a hospital and physical therapy if they needed it, and the Pokémon were taken to the local PokéCenter, either for shelter and rehabilitation or for medical treatment. Hopefully we have to wait a while longer before we're needed again.

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