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QUOTE originally posted by Strangedoll

QUOTE originally posted by TøxicGluttøny

Before anybody PMs me about the new arrows, this is the code to remove them. ".panel h3 > a > svg { display:none;" Plop it above the ".panel{" bit Now to fix all of my templates again XD
I tried to use this code, but it gave me a CSS error and I don't understand why.
I did a dumb and forgot to include another "}"

QUOTE originally posted by Infernapefan2

I can help with that! I did it too, you have to remove the .panel part so its really: "h3 > a > svg { display:none;" inside of the .panel section in the code
Ohhh, I didn't realize that bit. Thank you
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oops, double-post. Sorry.
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Nevermind was editing the wrong panel part of the code.*
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Then could we see a screenshot?
Check out some of my links below!
Code: Sauriel | Art: Xaandiir
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due to the band name from what this was based off of is.. a little mature, this has been removed ;u;
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Oo, this is lovely! I love how you can change the rope colours! mine will pro'lly stay green because it's my favorite color though I can't wait to give this a try~ so much meat
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The galaxy porygon-z code is being wacky on my about me, it's there if you want to see it. I copy and pasted the code in the green and black box but got that. nevermind, now it started to work.
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  • tab 1
  • Click!
  • tab 3
  • tab 4
  • tab 5
  • tab 6
New about-me template, kiddos! I got the idea from looking at the 2007 Youtube page layout and I was originally going to just make a template based on that. However, the final product was way too boring so I turned it into this. Massive shout-out to my buddo Niall for inspiring me to use the tabbed interface (and for teaching me how to use the fading effect huehuehue) Don't copy the code from the forum post, get the code here instead!!! IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not give the div of the tabbed interface a background! If you want to change the background color, you must change what is labeled "tabbox" Also, feel free to edit the colors. Just remember to follow legibility guidelines
1/10 progress
Table heading
Table Cell


Content 3
Content 4
Content 5
Content 6
code * TCG art
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I'll be using that new About me c: just whenever I have free time i'll put it in orz
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QUOTE originally posted by RyuokoWolf

I'll be using that new About me c: just whenever I have free time i'll put it in orz
Thank you X3

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