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sauriel's Avatarsauriel
sauriel's Avatar
I think someone should add some contrast to the Electric one though, the colors kinda blend together and it might break the legibility guidelines.
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Lexiebeth's AvatarLexiebeth
Lexiebeth's Avatar
@Esme Sure :) @Infernapefan2 Totally agree, the yellow is kind of an eyesore, but it was the last one I made and my eyes were glazing over so I gave up on it. I can edit the colors tomorrow xD
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Ryujin73's AvatarRyujin73
Ryujin73's Avatar
Be advised that I'll be using THIS template of awesomeness! I kinda edited the template a bit, picture-wise. Check the About Me in my profile and you'll see what I mean. As always, stay awesome. :)

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Érable's AvatarÉrable
Érable's Avatar
Esme, the pictures are broken for the purity template ;-;
Rëwrïttën's AvatarRëwrïttën
Rëwrïttën's Avatar
Boopy, doopy, doo. I've used the Mysterons template for a little bit now, and forgot to say so .-. Sorry. I'm using It by the way. Just felt like I should say it.
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Lexiebeth's AvatarLexiebeth
Lexiebeth's Avatar
I updated my post on the last page with a new color palette for the Elecktrike variant. Now you can at least read the text ^-^'
Wow these are all so amazing!!! No I'm not joking by any means! I wish you were still taking requests though haha.
Starkban's AvatarStarkban
Starkban's Avatar
Hey, i'm probably gonna use one of your templates. Thanks for making them c: (I'm learning about the stuff so i can modify colors, and stuff like that)
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Esme's AvatarEsme
Esme's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Sugita

Esme, the pictures are broken for the purity template ;-;
Unfortunately I used the absolutely trashy site Imgsafe for store those. Truth be told i'm not very proud of that template anymore, but I will update the post when I get to it.
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Érable's AvatarÉrable
Érable's Avatar
Okay ;-; It really is a crappy site. I use imgbb.com personally, it's a https site as well, and much more reliable and very nice.

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