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Moonblast * Esme's free templates

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Azozel's AvatarAzozel
Azozel's Avatar
Just saying I'm usin this template, I love it!!
♥to think i did all that, and may i say, not in a shy way♥ sig coded by me, jolteon is official art from pokemon conquest avatar drawn by me
Érable's AvatarÉrable
Érable's Avatar
For the ropes of purity template, is there updated links to the ropes? Imgsafe seems to have deleted a lot of the images (which is why I no longer utilise the site myself), but I would prefer to use the red ropes if I can.
Crøak's AvatarCrøak
Crøak's Avatar
I'm going to be using your brightest hour template, its so gorgeous~!
I'm Croak~! I'm a big friendly boii c: I love to talk with new people so don't hesitate to send me a message! Ofc, I am also deathly shy so things might be a bit awks at first ;v; I TRY MY BEST. [Currently watching] Haikyu!!, My Hero Academia, Hare+Guu Check out my anime planet watch list if you wanna see more, located in the links below!! Cred
Pokesona avatar drawn by Gentletealeaf!
frayed's Avatarfrayed
frayed's Avatar
i am using one of your about me codes! thank you for making these lovely things f2u~
my activity on the site is on and off. han || he/they/star/fai || lgbt nonbinary lesbian (fem presenting) ENTP 7w8 sx/so
i looove ryuseitai A LOT please talk to me about them i will CRY icon is kanata shinkai's official enstars art, edited by archivenstars on tumblr <33
fÙwÚrret's AvatarfÙwÚrret
fÙwÚrret's Avatar
these templates are sum gud stuff if i say so myself
timid nature prefered
fav types fav poke
idol hell is keeping me hostage self-proclaimed furret mother
code-hercules avatar background previously known as aisuchi
Vio99's AvatarVio99
Vio99's Avatar
I'm going to use the first about me template and I have seen many people with it but they have changed the Togetic. Can you please explain me how to do that? Lol I'm not good at doing things Better than I expected, found the way to do that!
I Love the glitch about me I made a few minor changes like the size, keep up the good work!!
Avatar Made by DarklyPoetic, inspired by a sprite made by Absolity I feel like this is just a thing that needs to be here
Marble's AvatarMarble
Marble's Avatar
Thank you so much for these gorgeous templates! I love the TCG art, too so I'm glad to see it being utilised here. It was difficult to choose which one I wanted to sue - they're all so good looking and practical. As you can see, I'm using your Clefairy template for my signature and I'm using your "Birthday" theme for my about me page. My own coding skills are only good for editing templates but it's been a lot of fun working with your templates and I've found them straightforward and clean -- plus they look excellent! Thank you for sharing these -- especially for free!
Other websites; [FR][NP][G+][Q] Avatar Credit: Pokémon TCG Sprite Crdit: My own Signature Credit: Esme
Lexiebeth's AvatarLexiebeth
Lexiebeth's Avatar
I made a few variants of the Mysterons style! ^_^

Growlithe Variant

Snubbull Variant

Elecktrike Variant (OLD)

Elecktrike Variant (NEW)

Here's the codes to each of the variants if anyone would like to use them! Growlithe Variant - Snubbull Variant - Elecktrike Variant (OLD)/(NEW)
Avatar made by Idolxtry on Tumblr
Esme's AvatarEsme
Esme's Avatar
Wow those are noice! Is it okay if I link to those in the original post? :o
i have nothing but love for the places that call me home
★ art made by me ★ background ★ icon - me - my shop

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