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S/A Dreepy 75K/G+

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x3x5 100k/100/20 click here to look for Nature/Berry
☆ charm lending ☆ box hunts ☆ s/a hunts ☆ gem sales ☆ & more
code & art (c) kyrrah & Astral
Combee's AvatarCombee
Combee's Avatar
flufflesauce's Avatarflufflesauce
flufflesauce's Avatar
i would like a shiny male dreepy pls :3 preferably the timid one, but one of the quirkies is fine too ^^ for credits please! (also about to go to bed, apologies if there's a late response) :3
Minjoo's AvatarMinjoo
Minjoo's Avatar
Jolly female and 2 timid male shinies, please? :3
❤ Credits:DA // Bts fan ❤ ❤ Looking for more Korean friends ❤
jaydnd's Avatarjaydnd
jaydnd's Avatar
May I have a shiny + albino Dreepy for 45 ZC? No preference on nature or gender!
- 0 points Check my UFT fields, prices listed in title! ♥
Combee's AvatarCombee
Combee's Avatar
Boop but shiny and albino counters are a few off
Svetty's AvatarSvetty
Svetty's Avatar
Could I get 1 albino and 2 shinys? Bitter for them if you have any bitter and for whatever you dont have can I have Any berry preference?
Combee's AvatarCombee
Combee's Avatar
boop and updated
Combee's AvatarCombee
Combee's Avatar
Hello! Can i buy a Female shiny in Gp? No preferences on berry or nature ^^
Im on Chicken Smoothie and Dragon Cave too ^-^ Chicken Smoothie~ https://pfq.link/TheProtegeMage Dragon Cave- https://dragcave.net/user/TheProtegeMage

Pages: 12

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