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two questions

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Quantum-Joker's AvatarQuantum-Joker
Quantum-Joker's Avatar
i have two questions,any help would be greatly appreciated 1) i hatched my first albino snivy and put it in the fields, but its icon is showing the normal green color instead of showing as pink. 2) what s the advantage if we put pokemon in the field they like
Dracojax's AvatarDracojax
Dracojax's Avatar
1- not sure why but some mini sprites don't look different from original (tyrunt is another) 2- if the Pokémon is in a field they like their happiness raises. Some fields are also used to Evo certain Pokémon.
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Obstagoon's AvatarObstagoon
Obstagoon's Avatar
1: not all albinos and melans have their mini sprites made by art staff yet c:
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Quantum-Joker's AvatarQuantum-Joker
Quantum-Joker's Avatar
thanks for the info it must be hard for the art team to make those many sprites

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