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Out Of My Broken Mind (Probably PG-13)

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Most of the characters in this story are my OC's, like Melody for example, while some other characters belong to others. Please understand! Criticism will be appreciated, as I'll take note. I'll try to do this on a daily basis, or a weekly basis, it entirely depends on my motivation.


Melody, a simple 19 year old (possible) cyborg trainer who is suffering from depression, and is slowly falling into the depths of insanity, had just set out on another adventure, after a incident 10 years ago resulted in her previous adventure ending abruptly.. but will this adventure go well? Or will it meet the same fate?



Full Name: Melody [DATA LOST]. Age: 19 Gender: Female Species: (Possible) Cyborg Human Height: 5'11" Weight: ??? Likes: Friends (Friends? What Friends?), Calm Areas (such as a forest, or a lake). Dislikes: Needles, Scientists (spooky), Traitors. Physical Description: Her left arm is mechanized, with something written on it, reading: "Project V.O.I.D". Her eyes are hidden by her visor, although... when she takes it off, her eyes appear to be black. She's normally seen wearing black clothing, like a sweater, shoes, cape, etc... Pokemon Team: Staraptor Toxapex Shiny Gardevoir Trevenant Krookodile
More to be added soon.

Chapter 1


May 20th, 3:00 AM. "Stop... Get away..." Melody, a 19 year old cyborg(?) trainer, living in a small house, mumbled in her sleep, shifting and turning in her bed, having her usual nightmares from what happened 10 fateful years ago. Her Staraptor, sitting on the edge of her bed, watched her with a worried look, concerned that they, the flashbacks, are starting to get to her more often. The cool summer wind flowed through the open window, the Staraptor shivered for a bit, before looking back at Melody. Worried for his owner, the Staraptor hopped to Melody, poking her a few times on the right arm, but... to no avail.. The Staraptor poked her again, but this time, with more force, which jolted her awake fairly quickly. "OW OW OW OW!" Melody fell off the bed, and onto the floor, hitting her head, with her vision blurry, her Staraptor looked down at her, the worried expression growing into a scared expression. Her vision returned to normal 5 minutes later, her startled, yet tired expression staring right into the Staraptor. "...Why did you wake me up at three in the morning? Don't you know how late that is?" "Star!" "...Good point.. I really need to see someone about those nightmares.. they keep coming to me fairly often, and it's starting to get even more out of hand.." "Star.." "You're right bud.. I should probably get to sleep.. or at least, TRY to get to sleep, thanks to you." She'd then return the Staraptor into the Dusk Ball that it was normally held in, as she hopped right back onto the bed, falling back asleep..


"Electrify my heart." ~Jack Stauber, 2017
I'm either vibing, writing in my funky journal, or maybe just working on my story. Forum Icon is from the Pokemon SM anime
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Chapter 2


May 20th, 12:00 PM "What did I tell you about waking me up?" Melody, upon letting her Staraptor out, was angered at it for waking her up at 3 in the morning, usually not a good time to wake up. "Star..." "It's fine Staraptor.. sorry for yelling at you like that.. sometimes you just have to leave me be sometimes, otherwise, it may happen again, understood?" "Star!" "Good. Now.. where should we go next.." Melody looked around at the forest view outside, wondering about where to go today.. the birds were chirping, and the leaves were swayying in the wind, a perfect day today perhaps. "It's either shopping.. or wandering.." "Star!" "Wandering it is... c'mon Staraptor, let's go." Melody walked over to the exit of the forest, the wild Zigzagoon running around the tall grass, some of them watching Melody walk by before running off. She'd then suddenly stop, a shocked expression suddenly appearing on her face, as she just looked over at the trees. She'd then shake her head afterwards.. must be another flashback, as usual. "God, I need to see help." She'd then continue wandering through the field with her Staraptor, many wild Zigzagoon running around her.

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