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kindly help

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Quantum-Joker's AvatarQuantum-Joker
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the text below is a strippet from a guide i have read If you log-in 5 days in a row, you get 100gp. Since there are 30 days in a month, if you log-in everyday, you can get 600gp which represents 75zc so 15% of Hypermode but i am only getting 5gc how can i take it up to 100gc?
MonkeyBug853's AvatarMonkeyBug853
MonkeyBug853's Avatar
It used to be 100gp but they changed it so now it’s 10gp I believe
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Quantum-Joker's AvatarQuantum-Joker
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oh no :(
Bubble07's AvatarBubble07
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In the past, the end prize in the five day login was 100GP. However, what ended up happening was an overabundance of GP, deva;uing the currency itself (which is why you can sometimes see 1ZC/7GP/5kCR, that was how far GP devalued). To fix the economy, Niet nerfed the prize to 10GP instead. There is no way to increase it, as that is the base right now. The guide you mention was made before the nerf. However, there are still ways to gain GP! You can trade other currency for it, enter the contests, or make interactions to fill the Fabu bar personal goal :) Hope this helped!

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Quantum-Joker's AvatarQuantum-Joker
Quantum-Joker's Avatar
thanks dude im finally understanding this site but i think im getting 5gp
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
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Shoulda probably checked the guide before linking it, sorry for causing confusion ^^"

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CottonEevee's AvatarCottonEevee
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that guide is very outdated; check me and LadyElemental's posts to see what it's missing.
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