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Dittos UFT

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michanne001's Avatarmichanne001
michanne001's Avatar
I have DITTTOOOOSSSS up for trade. I started my Ditto hunt (please send good luck), so I have lots of spare Dittos UFT. Prices in name, lots more in my fields. Normal Deltas Ground Bug Water Steel Flying Poison Grass Dark Ghost Fire Ice Dragon Fairy I also have these Delta Albino Twins, which I haven't fully decided if I will sell it, but I will definitely consider amazon UK/paypal worth of 50GBP Payment options
  • 5k credits: 5gp : 1ZC
  • Daycare pass x 60 I value at 600k credits or 600gp
  • Egg supplier Pass is valued at 350k credits each
  • Ditto egg voucher is valued at 1mil credits each
  • PR memory stick, valued at 1mi credits each
  • Normalium Fragments are valued at 60k credits each
  • Electrium Fragments are valued at 60k credits each
  • Normal Crystals are valued at 450k credits or 450gp each
  • Electric Z-Crystals are valued at 450k credits or 450gp each
  • Medium Electric, Ice, Poison, Ground, Flying, Psychic, Ghost, Dark, Fairy
    Select Medium Gems are valued at 10k credits or 10gp each
  • Medium Fighting, Dragon, Steel
    are valued at 20gp or 20k credits each
  • I may consider anything else that has value and can be sold on the market, just offer!
  • Mixed payment accepted!
goldie031's Avatargoldie031
goldie031's Avatar
hi! would you be interested in a couple of ditto swaps?
I am currently working on my: badge. gems are NFT. Accepted currency/ratios (I accept mixed payments!): 1:5:5k; 1
Any box
= 25; 1=550; 1
Any gem type
= 1; 1
Any gem type
= 10 Fair offers of other items, eg , summon items, Shinies/Albinos, etc.
michanne001's Avatarmichanne001
michanne001's Avatar
Probably going for no here, but let me know which ones you'd like to swap and for what?
goldie031's Avatargoldie031
goldie031's Avatar
I have two regular lab hatched ditto that I'm just looking to swap for two other regular ditto.
WildSeaDrift's AvatarWildSeaDrift
WildSeaDrift's Avatar
Hello! Could I get that Dragon Delta Ditto for 600gp? c:
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ilya's Avatarilya
ilya's Avatar
I'd love to buy the bitter bab for 250gp♡
michanne001's Avatarmichanne001
michanne001's Avatar
Trades sent @goldie031 Sorry but I will have to pass, I don't have much use for lab Dittos I'm afraid
michanne001's Avatarmichanne001
michanne001's Avatar
Bump, 35 more Ditto UFT in my field
Rebecca Gold's AvatarRebecca Gold
Rebecca Gold's Avatar
Hello! Sorry to bother you but I noticed you have many Dittos in your field. Are you planning on continuing your Ditto hunt? I'm interested in Ditto with specific IVs and I'd appreciate it very much if you could check your Dittos in the Dojo and let me know if any of them meet my criteria. The below in hide is my post for buying Ditto with high IVs. If it happens to be shiny or albino, then I'm open for discussion about the price depending on the IVs.

Full explanation

I'm offering 3 000 for a 186IV Ditto.

I'm willing to pay

Swap my Lonely and/or Rash Ditto with your Ditto. ▶ 1.2k for a 3IV Ditto if it has under 160IV Sum. ▶ 2k for a 3IV Ditto if it has over 160IV Sum. ▶ 3k for a 4IV Ditto. ▶ 1 500 for a 5IV Ditto. ▶ 3 000 for a 6IV Ditto.


I am looking for a specific Ditto that has maxed out 3, 4, 5 or 6 IV values. You can see IVs under Battle tab when you click the battle tab. Max IV value is 31, while 186 is the maximum sum (6*31=186) .Using my 3IV Ditto as an example, you can see it has three thirty-ones in the IVs row. That means it is a 3IV Ditto.
Example of 3IV Ditto: >>> <<<
I'm in contact with Triibu and I looked at GeorgieKun13 and Shazi's fields. Please link Ditto you are talking about so I can take a look if you are unsure if that's what I'm looking for.

! 500 reward if you find one in someone's field !

I'm an IV breeder. Pm if you have IV bred pokemon to swap/sell~
michanne001's Avatarmichanne001
michanne001's Avatar
I am going to continue my hunt, just need another batch of credits but I am well on my way. I will check the Dittos for the next batch, these ones didn't have anything over 133 I believe. Can you chuck me a PM so I can find you again as this is a temporary thread?

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