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Quick Question About Currencies

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How many Credits for 1 ZC? And how many GP is 1 ZC? And how many Credits are in 1 GP? I am trying to do an offsite trade and need to convert everything to ZC^^ Thank you!
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The ratio I've seen used most often is 1zc:5gp:5,000credits. I've also seen it as high as 1:7:7 since each user can set their own ratio. Also there's a currency converter by eltafez you might find useful off site trading post contains a list of sites you can't trade with
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first off, certain offsite trades are prohibited. actually, none are- btu since we trade for real money we cant trade with certain websites. and theres a dragong game that doesnt let us exchange for whatever reason either. secondly, the economy is great in the fact its free market- it can be whatever. Most people are gonna do 5k credits = 5 gp = 1 zc, though.
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Thank you guys! It's actually a trade on Chicken Smoothie which actually does allow trades from PFQ^^

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