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Rescue, recruit, repeat.

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At the back of the park, in a rundown old building, A new sign has been placed.


Team Shade Rescue Services, Finders of lost things, etc. NOW RECRUITING.
If one were to go inside, one would find a gengar with unusual eyes Manning a makeshift counter, While a large Pangoro Stands guard at her side. one would also find their retreat blocked by an obstagoon, doing what his species does best... obstructing Doors. One might wonder exactly WHAT they had walked into, Worrying about their lost item, or how they want to help others, and who would find/Do those things NOW, with themselves having been eaten and all, when a voice would enter their heads <Lost item? looking for work?> "We can help you with that. Step up the the table. Upon Frightfully approaching the makeshift table, one might notice the inverted Crescent -moon with an Eye half eclipsing it, or the photo pf a particularly Evil looking trainer. Or just the Gengars Eyes, one the usual Red, the other Bright Green. "So... What can we do for you?"

Read this please


funny skit

a bibarel was sitting by a river dam, when suddenly, a wild giratina appeared, saying "I AM GIRATINA< LORD OF THE DAMNED!" the bibarel proceeded to destroy the nearby floodgate, then shouted "HA! Now you have no power here, as the river is no longer dammed!"... HAH!
Avatar "Toxic Ball" made by me. apologies for how bad it is, its just a placeholder.

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