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This is my headcanon version of the origins of the Pokémon universe! Feedback is welcome, and enjoy! <3

In the beginning, there was Nothing. Out of emptiness, an egg formed. This egg hatched Arceus, the First Being. Arceus soon grew bored and lonely without company, so it created the Second Being, a small creature they named Mew. Mew was intelligent and playful. Arceus was content with Mew and began creating a world for them and Mew to live in. The First Being took pressure and energy and created a globe they called Earth. On this Earth, they formed Water, which became the Ocean. They took the matter from the Earth and made the Ground and Rocks, and froze the Water to make Ice. The Water touched the Ground and created Grass. This was the first Life on Earth. Arceus was now tired. They slept, leaving Mew to roam the Earth they had created. Mew flew through the Grass and over the Ocean, faster and faster, creating Wind. The Wind gathered droplets of Water to make Clouds, and from the Clouds came Storms. The energy in the Storms rubbed and crashed together, producing Lightning. Mew was delighted with what it had made, and roused Arceus to show them what it had done. Arceus praised Mew for its creativity. The Lightning then struck the Ground and created Fire, hot and unwieldy. The Fire burned the Grass and melted the Ice, but stopped when it touched Water and fizzled out against the bare Ground and Rocks. This gave Arceus an idea. Rested from their sleep, Arceus got to work creating more and more, filling their new world with life. They created the Sun and the Moon, the Stars and the Comets, the Darkness and the Light. With the help of Light and Water, from the Grass sprung new plants, and tiny creatures known as Bugs came to tend to the plants. Some plants, tired of the constant Bugs, spewed Poison from their leafy depths for protection. The heat from Fire and the Sun hardened the Rock into Steel, cold and strong. Arceus soon realized; the bigger the Earth got, the harder it was for them to control it all. Arceus began to create its children, tasked with the protection of the elements. First came great, powerful beasts known as Dragons. Arceus named their first three children Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. Dialga ruled over Time, Palkia ruled over Space, and Giratina ruled over Antimatter. With these tasks out of Arceus’ hands, they were free to create more. Next came Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, guardians of knowledge, emotion, and willpower. Created from the pressure in the depths of the Ocean, Kyogre was guardian over its expansion. Groudon was created from the pressure inside the Earth, fueled by Magma and Fire, and became guardian of the continents on Earth. Rayquaza came from the Air and Wind, the pressure from the atmosphere surrounding Earth, and became guardian of the Weather. Kyogre and Groudon became rivals and fought vehemently, causing Rayquaza to descend from the skies to calm them. The Great Titan, Regigigas, formed the regions with Groudon’s help, and created Regirock, Regice, and Registeel out of clay, ice, and magma. Heatran was created out of pure lava. Lugia, great Guardian of the Sea, and Ho-oh, great Guardian of the Skies, were created. The Legendary Birds known as Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos were born out of ice, fire, and lightning. The Legendary Beasts, Suicune, Entei, and Raikou, were born from the rain, volcanoes, and storms. With the pressure on the First Being lessened more and more with each creation, Arceus suddenly realized that the Second Being, Mew, was nowhere to be found. Mew, hurt by Arceus’ lack of attention and friendship, had vanished on Earth. Mew was creating its own entities: bipedal, perfectly Normal creatures it named Humans. Humans were made to keep Mew company, as it found life without its companion Arceus to be lonely. Mew played with its Humans, giving them gifts and knowledge with the help of Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf. The population of the Humans grew over time, but with this came conflict. The Humans began to Fight with one another and with Mew, causing pain and suffering. And when one Human lost its Life, it became a Ghost and haunted the lands, lost. Arceus located Mew hiding alone, terrified of what it had created. Glad to have found their Second Being once again, Arceus could not bear to destroy what had come to Life with Mew’s creativity. Instead, they used their great power, with their childrens’ help, to erase the Humans’ memory of Mew. It was devastated but Mew understood why it must be done. Using its own powers, it vowed to stay hidden from the Humans and let them live in peace. In turn, Arceus created new beings they called Pokémon, to keep the Second Being company. Finally satisfied with the world it had created, Arceus fell into a deep sleep. As Arceus slept, they dreamed, and dreamed of Mew and other Legendary Pokémon. With these dreams, they created more Mew and more Legendaries. Millenia passed, and the Pokémon Arceus gifted to Mew had changed and evolved. Each took on a Type or Types influenced by the original elements. As the population of Mew grew over time, some decided to become other Pokémon permanently, tired of their lives as Second Beings. Others, anguished from their forced distance from Humans, decided to become Humans permanently so that they could live in peace. As the Humans themselves evolved and grew more knowledgeable on their world and Pokémon, they became hungry for power. They had become smart enough to discover the ancient Pokémon Mew, of which they believed to be extinct. A fossil from one of those ancient Mew was discovered with an eyelash within, and from that, the DNA was extracted to create Mew’s clone, Mewtwo. The remaining Mew watched in horror at what their creation had in turn created, and felt deeply pained for what the Humans had done to the clone. But not all was lost. While some Mew were very content with hiding away from Humans completely, some were more curious and wanted to get close to Humans once more. As such, some Mew will reveal themself to Humans, only those that are sufficiently pure of heart and those that Mew can trust.
This, as it has been told and will be told, is the story of Origins as it is known by Mew.
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Nice job! This paints a vivid story of the origins of the Pokemon World and really helps me to understand it!
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