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The Story of Nebby

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The Story of Nebby A Cosmic Story about the Magikarp of Legendaries

Please Read

I'm pretty new here, and am currently trying to get used to the BBCode here. I am writing this story with the very little Pokemon Go knowledge I have. Feel free to subscribe to this thread if you want I doubt anyone will tho. Please don't post here. Contact me for any commentary instead.
Prologue Somewhere in the universe, among many galaxies, a star glowing brightly was beginning to fade. As it slowly faded away, a certain nebula pokemon emerged out of it. . Cosmog, the nebula pokemon, was flying among the stars, unaware of the dangers in the universe it would have to face. Dangers it would have never deserved to face. A comet shooting by caught the cosmog's eye. It looked up, amazed by the trail of stardust it left behind as it soared through the area of space it was in. It didn't realize until too late... Suddenly, the stars went by so quickly. The innocent, little cosmog was soaring through the galaxy at an extreme speed. It suddenly felt dizzy... The universe gradually turned black...

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