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Unusual Scour Locations Your Mon/S Like Or Dislike

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Bulbizarre's AvatarBulbizarre
Bulbizarre's Avatar
I have a breeding pair of Jellicent. The male likes Volcano and dislikes Ocean. Meanwhile the female likes Ocean and dislikes Volcano. EDIT: I have a Wailord that likes City. The mental images I get from that are delightful.
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QuirkyRabbit's AvatarQuirkyRabbit
QuirkyRabbit's Avatar
I just discovered that my Incineroar prefers the Ocean... oooookay?
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AggOtick's AvatarAggOtick
AggOtick's Avatar
Fish is Scared of the ice but loves to jump into a volcano and become battered cod. Enjoys metal but hates the forest. Maybe she is in a flower pot in a major city.
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catbat's Avatarcatbat
catbat's Avatar
i have a victini named after an original species i created that loves the tundra but the thing is, said original species physically cannot tolerate cold weather and absolutely hates it
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SuperSai's AvatarSuperSai
SuperSai's Avatar
I have a Victini who doesn't like the Volcano, and a Vulpix (Kanto) who likes the Ocean
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Bulbizarre's AvatarBulbizarre
Bulbizarre's Avatar
I have a Bastiodon that likes Ocean. The adage "sink like a stone" comes to mind, and I imagine him just walking along the bottom.
rãy22's Avatarrãy22
rãy22's Avatar
My dratini likes the desert idk how that works and my solgavern likes the city, i imagine him walking through the streets
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CinderStorm's AvatarCinderStorm
CinderStorm's Avatar
My Entei likes the Ocean and my Xerneas likes getting beat up by street gangs in the City.
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Bulbizarre's AvatarBulbizarre
Bulbizarre's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by CinderStorm

My Entei likes the Ocean and my Xerneas likes getting beat up by street gangs in the City.
In Pokemon SoulSilver, I came across the roaming Entei while surfing on a lake east of Ecruteak City. Amused me more than it ought to.

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