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Unusual Scour Locations Your Mon/S Like Or Dislike

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TsunamiVoid's AvatarTsunamiVoid
TsunamiVoid's Avatar
i have a charizard that hates volcano and loves water
Bulbizarre's AvatarBulbizarre
Bulbizarre's Avatar
My Tundra and Ocean Vivillons hate the tundra and ocean. I find this very amusing.
Astronomer's AvatarAstronomer
Astronomer's Avatar
I have a Torterra that loves the tundra for some reason
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i had a magicarp he didnt like water 😂😂😂

I have uft fields/ pwyw fields and free fields
Mysteriøus's AvatarMysteriøus
Mysteriøus's Avatar
i have a ninetales that loves the ocean and dislikes the volcano o.O
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Just found a Delphox that hates the volcano but loves the ocean.
Bulbizarre's AvatarBulbizarre
Bulbizarre's Avatar
I have a few fire-types that like the ocean. I worry about them.
My tapu Bulu likes being near a volcano......
Arch (My Monferno) does not like the volcano. Okay?
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