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Unusual Scour Locations Your Mon/S Like Or Dislike

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Iggyzilla tm's AvatarIggyzilla tm
Iggyzilla tm's Avatar
I have Kyogre that oddly enough LOVES the earth/desert area..... ‐----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Avatar is made by me!)
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Dino Master's AvatarDino Master
Dino Master's Avatar
My cramorant dispises the ocean and LOVES the desert also my maractus loves the tundra, very cold for a cactus :P
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Vwoop's AvatarVwoop
Vwoop's Avatar
Definitely my weirdest is my Kyogre absolutely despising the ocean. They may live there, but they don't have to like it >:[
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Ácetron's AvatarÁcetron
Ácetron's Avatar
I have some here!

My Scour teams!

Team 1: Gourgeist: Location: Fire (Preferred area!) [dislikes: Earth] {OK?} Flygon: Location: Earth (Preferred area!) [dislikes: Fire] {Makes sense!} Zygarde: Location: Metal (Preferred area!) [dislikes: Earth] Team 2: Delphox: Location: Fire (Preferred area!) [dislikes: ???] {Makes sense!} Gyarados: Location: Metal (Preferred area!) [dislikes: ???] Milotic: Location: Water (Preferred area!) [dislikes: Fire] {Makes sense!} Team 3: Aerodactyl: Location: Ice (Preferred area!) [dislikes: ???] {Ice no good!} Archeops: Location: Wood (Preferred area!) [dislikes: ???] {Makes sense!} Tyrantrum: Location: Water (Preferred area!) [dislikes: ???] Team 4: Armaldo: Location: Forest (Preferred area!) [dislikes: Fire] {Makes sense!} Bastiodon: Location: Tundra (Preferred area!) [dislikes: Woods] Aurorus: Location: Forest (Preferred area!) [dislikes: ???] Team 5: Omastar: Location: Earth (Preferred area!) [dislikes: Water] Cradily: Location: Metal (Preferred area!) [dislikes: Wood] Carracosta: Location: Earth (Preferred area!) [dislikes: Fire] Team 6: Kabutops: Location: Earth (Preferred area!) [dislikes: ???] temp temp Team 7: Tornadus: Location: Earth (Preferred area!) [dislikes: Water] Thundurus: Location: Water (Preferred area!) [dislikes: Ice] Landorus: Location: Fire (Preferred area!) [dislikes: Earth] {And it's name has "Land" in it!} Honorable mentions: Porygon: Location: Earth (Preferred area!) [dislikes: Water] Eiscue:: Location: Ice (Preferred area!) [dislikes: ???] {Makes sense!} Exeggute CS: Location: ??? (Preferred area!) [dislikes: Fire] {Makes sense!}
Wondering if I sent some of my PF1 Scour teams out if they'd like the same fields that use to enjoy?
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I recently sent out one of my Eiscue on a scour mission to the Tundra to unlock the Ice Face form. Its disliked location turned out to be the tundra. I guess it really did not want to get its head encased in an ice cube.

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