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Unusual Scour Locations Your Mon/S Like Or Dislike

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pokedude96's Avatarpokedude96
pokedude96's Avatar
For ex I have a female applin that likes tundra area even though applin is double weak to ice.Or an apoc growlithe that doesnt like volcano area despite being a fire type.Ik scouring is not based on that mons type but I usually like to send them in logical places for their type and sometimes funny stuff like this happen.So yeah tell me about unusual scour areas your mon likes or dislikes.
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my lunala, who is clearly not suited for flying through dense forests due to size alone, likes the forest.
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pokedude96's Avatarpokedude96
pokedude96's Avatar
My female carvanha like City area lol.Imagine a carvanha casually walking around the city.Not to mention it is a fish and will most likely perish but whatever.
Nexwr37's AvatarNexwr37
Nexwr37's Avatar
My incirenoar likes ocean And my Gyarados likes volcanos '-'
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pokedude96's Avatarpokedude96
pokedude96's Avatar
Oh damn lol
slinky78's Avatarslinky78
slinky78's Avatar
This Floatzel likes ice, dislikes ocean
pokedude96's Avatarpokedude96
pokedude96's Avatar
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This is the infamous carvanha that likes city area.I dont know yet where her partner likes(not the city since he is neutral there) but I will find out.
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
aight you little baby ur head's literally made of ice ur gunna go into that snowstorm and change forms and ur gunna LIKE IT
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colirooni03's Avatarcolirooni03
colirooni03's Avatar
I have a Lapras that likes the woods, which makes some sense I guess. Then there is the Grovyle that likes the volcano.
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Labricon's AvatarLabricon
Labricon's Avatar
I have a dhelmise that doesn't like the ocean. What

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