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Longest Shiny Chain

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Cloasi's AvatarCloasi
Cloasi's Avatar
My longest chain is a pretty measley 4.4k Deerling that lasted over a year bc I went on haitus.. I broke it when I came back because I hadn't realized a chain-saving item had been introduced LOL My last hunt was galar zigzagoon though, and I had a good amount of shinies and albinos (70ish each) by 3k eggs. If you don't want your chain to last too long, then the best thing I can tell you is to invest into hatching as many eggs as possible on days when you use boosts! I also definitely recommend investing in HM and permenant boosts like Shelter Passes. :>
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Orchid's AvatarOrchid
Orchid's Avatar
1,243 eggs, with 7 albinos hatched and egg 1,243 finally being my shiny. It was Surskit. My "cursed" hunt. So glad that hunt is done, but wish it had just given me a melan at that point lol
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Tska's AvatarTska
Tska's Avatar
my longest was a 1.3k zorua hunt with a total of 20 specials and I base mine around my hypermode I use Albino radar and along with z crystals I try my best of hatching groups of 5-6 eggs which can be 6-7 batches per day. Its more of a melan or bust for 28 days~
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Duusu's AvatarDuusu
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Currently, my longest chain is from my Skarmory hunt- 4,678h/79s/~87a/2m, ~14 twins, and 2 triplets. That was accomplished through HM, Shiny Charms, an Albino Radar, Übercharms and the occasional Z-Crystal.
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