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Longest Shiny Chain

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pokedude96's Avatarpokedude96
pokedude96's Avatar
I am curious to find out how many eggs was your longest shiny chain and what mon was it? Also did you use boosts or not? Edit You can see how many eggs I hatched so far in my trainer card and how many shiny Tyrunts I hope to get as well.
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Grey Skies's AvatarGrey Skies
Grey Skies's Avatar
This is my personal longest with no boosts but the radar and this was way before they boosted non-HM chains My longest actual chain was 17k for alo vulpix with all boosts but a shiny charm, I hated myself after that
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pokedude96's Avatarpokedude96
pokedude96's Avatar
Cool.So I am not the only one who uses the radar alone.I am just 54 eggs into the chain and no shiny yet hopefully I dont need to hatch a million eggs before I get 1.Not to mention I want 2 as well.But anyway this is how I mostly hunt using only the radars.Though from time to time I do use other boosts as well. Edit God no.Definately not patient enough to hatch 17k eggs lol.
Grey Skies's AvatarGrey Skies
Grey Skies's Avatar
It shouldn't be so bad anymore since they raised the max chain for non-HM users I'm almost 1k in to a Zorua hunt and I've managed to snag 7 shinies so far without any boosts (the first was 49 eggs in) so it's definitely possible but it may still take a while if Sally decides she doesn't like you ><
pokedude96's Avatarpokedude96
pokedude96's Avatar
Well hope she does.She likes giving me albinos though.Lets see if it is the same story with shiny mons as well.Anyway I will be hatching Tyrunt for some time due to dragon gems I get from it which helps with my gem huntings as well.Basically 2 in 1 jobs right now.
cherrycharm's Avatarcherrycharm
cherrycharm's Avatar
My longest so far is my current shiny hunt. 735 and no shiny Corsola in sight. I'm just using the radar, nothing else, so we'll see how long before I get my blue rock!
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pokedude96's Avatarpokedude96
pokedude96's Avatar
Eventually you will get him or her.Also 735 eggs omg thats a lot.Anyway good luck with your hunt.You definately need it after so many eggs hatched.
Grey Skies's AvatarGrey Skies
Grey Skies's Avatar
Ahh ignore my part about this Zorua hunt being without boosts, I forgot I activated an ubercharm so I do have a slightly increased chance of getting shinies
frøst1595's Avatarfrøst1595
frøst1595's Avatar
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pokedude96's Avatarpokedude96
pokedude96's Avatar
Interesting.Though I dont know why it says 59 near my name when I hatched 62 eggs until now guess it needs to update.And secondly these people must be super patient to hatch so many eggs without rage quitting or something lol.Anyway not giving up until I get my shiny Tyrunts. Edit Didnt know Tyrunt is among common shinies.Should have gone for something more uncommon but I dont want to break the chain now.Maybe later on.

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