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Haunting Hour:A ghost type clan

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POLL: (PikaTwo) Spiritomb or Sableye hunt?

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Glad.Silver's AvatarGlad.Silver
Glad.Silver's Avatar
Welcome to Haunting Hour! We are a clan for Ghost-type lovers. You can call me Kala. We will have weekly/monthly discussions, and as we grow as a clan there will be more things put down.

Members of the clan:

Kala- Hunter/Greeter/Storyteller Cotton- Greeter/Breeder/Artist Gengar-Evolver/Breeder/Greeter Nami- Undecided role PkmnFG- Undecided role Shaymin- Evolver Alister291- Hunter M- Greeter/Hunter Kinachi- Hunter/Evolver/Storyteller Audrey-Hunter/Evolver/Artist Monca- Hunter/Breeder Salty- Hunter/Breeder PikaTwo- Hunter, Greeter, Storyteller Detsu- Breeder Teenie- Greeter Third- Evolver Lacy- Undecided Xen/Xenni- Hunter Moony- Breeder Drey- Breeder mit.ali- Storyteller/Artist Shadow- Hunter/Storyteller Kokichi- Greeter Yume- Storyteller/Hunter Solar- Greeter Mystic- Evolver/Hunter/Artist Silver- Artist Mischivious- Hunter Dia- Evolver/Storyteller Lance- Greeter/Breeder/Artist Wyvern- Evolver/Hunter Gengirl- Greeter/Storyteller Angel- Breeder/Hunter/Evolver/Storyteller Vader- Artist/Evolver Kyndle- Evolver Nerdy- Storyteller/Greeter/Evolver Spectra- Breeder/Greeter/Hunter/Artist dontmineit- Artist/Evolver/Hunter Mat- Artist/Evolver/Hunter Cyan- Artist/Hunter/Storyteller B. A.- Storyteller/Evolver Mackerel- Storyteller/Greeter Fatal- Artist Raven- Breeder/Artist Apple- Greeter/Evolver Suicune- Evolver/Hunter Spirit- No role Myst- Greeter/Artist/Hunter Zae- Artist/Hunter/Storyteller Blaze- Greeter/Storyteller/Artist Purple- Greeter/Breeder Primarina- Artist/Storyteller Ame- Hunter Snowy- Breeder Suki- Hunter/Storyteller/Artist Shifty
If you want to join, please read and follow the rules:


Please, nothing unrelated to the clan 1. Subscribe to the thread if you join 2. No mini-mods 3. Be respectful 4. Use the form (unless on mobile) Rules are subject to change!
Form [b]What do you go by?[/b] [b]Pronouns:[/b] [b]Role you want:[/b] [b]Do you hoard any Ghost types? If not are you planning one?[/b] [b]A description of yourself:[/b]


[Url=https://pfq.link/~LwGm][img]https://bit.ly/3k9KQpU[/img][/url]* Made by Cotton! [url=https://pfq.link/~LwGm][img]https://bit.ly/3j7rvUQ[/img][/url] * Made by Audrey! [url=https://pfq.link/~LwGm][img]https://bit.ly/3j9P3bC[/img][/url] *Made by Salty! [url="https://pfq.link/~LwGm"][img]https://i.imgur.com/IFWe9UJ.png[/img][/url]*Made by Angel!
Clan Roles There are also several roles in the clan. There Is the Greeter, the Breeder, the Evolver, the Hunter, the Storyteller, and the Artist. Breeder: Provides breeding pairs for people who need them. Greeter: Greets new people as they come into the clan. Evolver: Helps level up Pokémon for other members. Hunter: Hunts certain Pokémon from the shelter. Storyteller: Writes stories for the clan. Artist: Makes clan art and baits for team hunts! (Suggested by Cotton) The roles are not necessary to keep your place in the clan. This clan is just to have fun and to enjoy your time!

Clan Activities

Team Hunts- Proposed by Gengar Make a Ghost type Eeveelution! (March 11- 25)

Mascots! 💜




Made by CottonEevee, free to use: Code: [tip="Made by [url=https://pfq.link/@JV1v]CottonEevee[/url]][img]https://i.ibb.co/sK6h1Lw/Litwick-Mlem-Bait.png[/img][/tip]




Ghost Starters!


Discussion: What are our various views on the state of ghost Pokemon? Are they always shadowlike/incorporeal as in can't be touched? Do you think you'd feel anything strange putting your hand through them? Can they manifest physically if they want to so we can hug them? (Credits to Gengirl for the question)
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Im always open to RP! PM if interested!
Sig by CottonEevee for Glad.Silver's use only * BG is MHA official art.
Kottorachi's AvatarKottorachi
Kottorachi's Avatar
What do you go by? Cotton Pronouns: She/her Role you want: Greeter/breeder! Do you hoard any Ghost types? If not are you planning one? I don't hoard Ghost types, but I do like creepy stuff. Especially when it involves jumpscaring my brother XD I might hoard them in the future A description of yourself: Silly, chatty, and kind! I would say that my favorite ghost type is Giratina. It's pretty awesome and I like ledgendaries :)
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Hey :D I'm Kotto! Self-described weirdo and wants a cat.
My nickname (for close friends ONLY, which means basically only people irl) is Miss Sassypants the Weirdo Hyena xD
I'm a she/they and pan
Not taken, but please don't flirt!
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Glad.Silver's AvatarGlad.Silver
Glad.Silver's Avatar
Hello, Hello! Welcome to the clan, Cotton!
Kottorachi's AvatarKottorachi
Kottorachi's Avatar
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! We should probably put up code for a banner so that anyone who joins can advertise :)
Glad.Silver's AvatarGlad.Silver
Glad.Silver's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by CottonEevee

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! We should probably put up code for a banner so that anyone who joins can advertise :)
Is it alright if I use the code for the one you made?
Kottorachi's AvatarKottorachi
Kottorachi's Avatar
GengarTheGr8's AvatarGengarTheGr8
GengarTheGr8's Avatar
What do you go by? Gengar Pronouns: he/him Role you want: evolver/breeder Do you hoard any Ghost types? If not are you planning one? Not yet, but in the future I might hoard regular, shiny, albino, and melan gengar. A description of yourself: I like to have friends and try to be as funny as possible.

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Glad.Silver's AvatarGlad.Silver
Glad.Silver's Avatar
Hello, Gengar! Welcome to the clan!
Kottorachi's AvatarKottorachi
Kottorachi's Avatar
Hello Gengar! Welcome to Haunting Hour! And yes you've got the jobs! Also please answer to the group discussion! *Yay, fufilled my job as Greeter!*
GengarTheGr8's AvatarGengarTheGr8
GengarTheGr8's Avatar
Thank you. :)

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