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The Dreamscape (rp)

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blaze prepared his next attack but for some odd reason, his black stripes started glowing. then he let out a bright blue flamethrower. he screamed in shock and pain after his attack. his stripes were no longer glowing but are now causing him great pain
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(you cant really do that thegamingkat. thats op and you used baisicly two moves in one. and you used flamethower. and thats an op move. you gow two strikes. one more and your out. so lets say that didint happen and instead you used ember and that other part was just him inmagining it.) (to everyone. you also have to choose what duskull you choose to use your move on. but this time. because i forgot to say that. ill choose this time.) korays bite hit duskull A! it did 12 damage! felixes spark hit duskull A! it did 11 damage! duskull A fainted! blazes ember hit duskull B! it did 13 damage! duskull B used tackle on blaze! blaze took 11 damage! duskull B 10/23 blaze 13/24 koray 23 felix 23
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you have to save the world! join a group of four and make your team to defeat team evil! in the last left
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(Ah. Apologies.) Koray growled softly before launching another attack. The only way he would know if Felix was safe was to defeat the final enemy. Koray used Bite on DuskullB! Felix was pretty sure that Koray had this covered, but still... no harm done if he let out an attack as well. Felix used Spark on DuskullB!
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Pokakat's AvatarPokakat
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((i ment thegamingkat. i just forgot to spesifie it. i probobly misspeled some words.) koray used bite on duskull B! it did 12 damage! duskull B fainted! more of the dreamscape was good again! "it looks like you defeated the duskull! good job!" the voice said. "theres still alot of darkness in the dreamscape. but im sure you can make the dreamscape thrive again!" the voice said. its time to make the dreamscape trive again!
(oops sorry) Blaze looked around for the source of the voice. Who are you?, thought Blaze.

Pages: 12

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