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Summer DRinks- Subzero slammer june 2020

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Hello and welcome to Subzero Slammer! Drinks are on us for the summer <3

members & clicklist

List (yes, sally is on our team too for placeholder purposes)

egg chart

3840 none
50% bug
50% steel
50% dark
50% ground
50% flying
50% water
50% grass
50% rock
50% fire
50% psychic
50% dark
50% ground
50% psychic
7680 none
50% rock
10240 none
50% water
50% flying
30720 none
50% dragon
50% fairy
Exclusives added to egg-chart courtesy of Mewtoo

points chart

for the new scoring system.
cycles ehp points
5 1280 1
10 2560 2
15 3840 3
20 5120 4
25 6400 5
30 7680 6
35 8960 7
40 10240 8
80 20480 16
120 30720 24

breeding pairs

None yet!
none yet!
none yet!

shelter css

highlights eggs of the specified type in the shelter. created by bishop, edited by gonplei. find it here!


Due to the Type Race Storage's imminent deletion, y'all can put your skins/banners here
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Hi, I'm Scor!! I'm NB <3 -hoardes sassy and fairy-type pokemon -generally friendly, feel free to PM!
Avatar drawn by me Text reads "huh, america?". Buttons
background | coidng by me
Cattafang's AvatarCattafang
Cattafang's Avatar
hey there! i’ll be on Ice this June, and i’ll prolly hunt Arctic Numel if I’m able to make a good pair.

Cattafang's Badge Case

Badge Case by Nebby

About Me

==> hey. you can call me Cattafang, Cat, or just Mel. ==>pfp is my character Hecate
Hatterene-Spiritomb fusion
using Psybeam, done by masqueofstars1 ==>she/her or they/them. either’s fine. ==>bisexual banner done by EeveeBailey
Foiry's AvatarFoiry
Foiry's Avatar
Hey there, I'll also be on ice. Also, I have a 95% Arctic Numel pair i can send you, if you wanna mess around with it. ^^
Cattafang's AvatarCattafang
Cattafang's Avatar
@Foiry thank you! i might have to mess around with the pair, since i’ve never tried to hunt for a Variant until now. also, would you like for me to return the pair after TR is done or keep it? @fevineFollower there’s a new TR storage thread run by Belial here, though it’s still getting stuff compiled as of now, so things are incomplete.
Yep, I know! I put some work in so I got a pm about it. I'm not sure what I'm hunting yet honestly

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