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Animela's AvatarAnimela
Animela's Avatar
Animela's Art Emporium v.3
  • Digital
  • Chao
  • Sprites(Scratch)
  • Lick Icon
  • Gift Boxes
  • Forms
  • Introduction

Digital Artwork


Base: $30 X - x - X - x - X - x


Base: $20 X - x - X - x - X - X

Illustrative Work

Base: $60 (Can be done with either style) X - x - X - x - X


Extra Character: +$15 each

Chao Style

Chao Sprites are based on the little Chao character from the Sonic Games and use them as a Base most of the time. This adorable style used to be pretty popular but in late years it seems to have... Poofed. Offering them here again. 50GP or 2 small boxes Animated: 100gp or 4 small boxes total

Sprites (From Scratch)

The Sprite types offered here do not use a base of any form and instead are "drawn" normally. Prices Base: $15 Simple Animation: +$5 Complex Animation: +$10

Pokemon Style

Personal Style

Lick Icons

Prices Simple: $10 Shaded: $15 Extra Animation(Other than/after Lick): +$10


Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes are a small spriting style that uses a personal base from 2012 and tends to be really Popular. Any character can be set into the box to be giftwrapped, with or without the bow. Prices Base: $10 Extra Character: +$5 Animation(Single): +$5 Doublebox Animation: +$10 Single Box Double Box

Order Forms

Digital Art

[b]I'd like to order Digital Art, Please![/b] [b]Character[/b] [b]Normal/Chibi[/b] [b]Theme/Pose suggestions[/b] [b]Is this an Illustration?[/b] [b]Extra Notes[/b] [b]Payment?[/b]


[b]I'd like to ordera Chao, Please![/b] [b]Character[/b] [b]Pose suggestions[/b] [b]Is this Animated?[/b] [b]Extra Notes[/b] [b]Payment?[/b]


[b]I'd like to order a Sprite, Please![/b] [b]Character[/b] [b]Sprite Type[/b] [b]Is this Animated?[/b] [b]Extra Notes[/b] [b]Payment?[/b]

Lick Icon

[b]I'd like to order a Lick Icon, Please![/b] [b]Character[/b] [b]Background[/b] [b]Extra Notes[/b] [b]Payment?[/b]

Gift Boxes

[b]I'd like to order a Gift Box, Please![/b] [b]Character[/b] [b]Box/Ribbon Colours/Design[/b] [b]Is this Animated?[/b] [b]Extra Notes[/b] [b]Payment?[/b]
Hello there and Welcome to Animela's Art Emporium, v.3
More like v.7 at this point if you include old Pokefarm
Back and ready to roll!

Basic Rules

1. Please don't Rush me 2. I retain the rights to Deny or Work on orders at my disgression. 3. I stream semi-regularily on Twitch.Tv @AnimelaKunti. I may work on Comissions from here, over there. Please let me know ahead of time if you don't want me working on your drawing in a public space. 4. Please Have a character reference available. Any art of the character can be used as a reference. If I have to help you design your character from descriptions or random "inspiration" photos, I'll have to add a $10 consultation fee. 5. If you can Math correctly, I will allow new Orders on Perse days, purchased with GP to take the GP discount. Canceling an Order just to make the same Order on a GP Discount day will result in this right being revoked. 6. Do not use my examples without permission.

Extra Terms of Service

This is a General Copyright Message for those who find this kind of stuff important. If you Require Proof of Permission to use a Piece that you Ordered and Paid for Here, This Artist deems that Screenshotting this message and the rest of the "Clause' is enough proof of this Artist(Animela). Linking this Thread should also work. In the event that this thread no longer exists, link the Artist's userpage(Animela). Paid Rights After a Commission is fully Paid for, the Owner of the Artwork Gains permissions to Full Rights EXCEPT: 1. Cannot Claim they made the work themselves. 2. Cannot Re-upload to Devainatart. It may accidently get flagged in their Copyright System. You can Favorite it there instead. 3. Merch Sales are not allowed, The Artwork cannot be used for Commercial use. Please discuss a commerical use contract with the Artist before the Artwork is started to remove this exception. If the Artwork is Sold, it must be packaged with the original Character it was drawn for. (IE The character is sold to someone else, the artwork goes with them.) Artist Rights The Artist Retains the Rights to: 1. Display Artwork as part of their Gallery, Examples, ect. 2. Upload to general Gallery websites as part of their Portfolio. (Deviantart ect) The Artist will not Claim to Own the characters within the Artwork unless the characters actually do belong to them. The Artist will not claim to have designed the characters unless a character was requested to be designed/purchased as an Adopt. Unpaid Artwork In the case that the Commissioner refuses to pay what was agreed for a completed Art Piece they will be put into a private List and refused any further exchanges. The Artwork will be filed away and will not be allowed to be used by the Comissioner whatsoever, including Custom Character designs created from descriptions. Refunds through paypal will also result in the same thing. It may be digital but I have still delivered if I have sent you the Art and you sent payment after. Do not inccur unessacary fees.

Drawing Lists

I will Draw

1. Pokemon 2. Furries 3. Humans 4. Ponies 5. Animals 6. Basically anything with a reference. 7. I can Animate stuff

I will not Draw

1. Complex Machinery 2. "Hate" art 3. Politics 4. Overly Bloody Stuff
Art Types All of these should have their own Tab above. Digital Artwork(Normal/Chibi/Illustration) - Chao Sprites(Scratch) - Lick Icons - Gift Boxes Payment Types Paypal - Boxes
$1 = 75zc 100zc = 500gp = 1 boxbox 1zc:5gp $$ & GP prefered Note: All prices are listed in $USD. Use above conversion or Quick Price Guide below for non-$$ translation.

Quick Price Guide

All prices area already listed in each Associated Tab. This is just a quick price guide for those who don't need extra options/don't want to do math.


Single Box $10, 750zc, 3700gp, 7 boxbox Single Box (Animated) $15, 1125zc, 5600gp, 10 boxbox Double Box $15, 1125zc, 5600gp, 10 boxbox Double Box (Animated) $20, 1500zc, 7500gp, 12 boxbox

Lick Icon

Base $10, 750zc, 3700gp, 7 boxbox


Base $15, 1125zc, 5600gp, 10 boxbox With Animation $20, 1650zc, 8200gp, 15 boxbox (Total)

Digital Art

Chibi $20, 1500zc, 7500gp, 12 boxbox Normal Character $30, 2250zc, 11200gp, 20 boxbox 1 Character Illustration $60, 4500zc, 2200gp, 40 boxbox 2 Normal Character $45, 3375zc, 16800gp, 30 boxbox 2 Character Illustration $75, 5625zc, 28100gp, 50 boxbox


Q. I don't have enough of ____, can I do a Mixed payment? A. Mixed payments are just fine! I handle Mixed payments on a % scale so if you need help, let me know what you planned on offering or what you had a Finite number of and I can help you settle out the differences. Q. Can you Draw ???, It's not listed on either list. A. Go ahead and PM me with this. I might have missed something. I am an adult so feel free to hit me with a hard one. Q. I had a Gift in mind, can you keep it secret? A. Go ahead and PM me with Gift Orders if you don't want to make them Public. Q. Why do you take Perse Bonus discounts for GP but nothing else? A. I like GP. This just encourages people to use the discount to get things cheaper and supplies me with something I want in return. Q. Why not do other kinds of sales? A. Oh, I already plan on doing occasional Sales/Discounts. The GP thing is just a Bonus that people can tell when it's going to happen. Q. Can I use ___ as a Melan Bait? A. All of my Styles can be used as a Melan Bait. Just let me know that's what you wanted. Heck, I'll animate the sparkles on a Chao for free. I guess the excpetion would be Pokemon style scratch sprites but that should be pretty obvious for why not. I want to eventually develop a style better suited to Melan baits but until then, it's just an offhand thing. Q. Is this a Complex Animation or a Simple Animation? A. Generally things like Blinking or simple movements like headnods or waving are concidered simple. Too many simple things strung together(Need to sync them all) or a fullbody movement will complicate things and thus are concidered Complex. Q. Can I get my Digital Artwork Animated? A. Technically yes but I can't garentee quality due to how turning something into a Gif can mess with the colours. Large paintings tend to have a lot of colours just from the lines smoothing themselves against other colours or how shadows fade into the light and turning them into a Gif can make it look blotchy or weird. That's why I try to limit it to my pixel options. Q. Why can't you do ____ style/thing that's offered somewhere else? A. Probably because I either can't do that style or didn't feel like copying someone else. I get enough from my family members telling me I draw too much like Disney sometimes. Try ordering the thing that you were interested in at the shop you found it at. I'm sure they'll appreciate the business. Q. ADOPTS PLEASE? A. I have to be inspired for these to work. I also try to pass a lot of really nice Ideas/Designs through Staff first just in case it's something that would work better for the site instead of profiting off it myself. Q. Will you accept (Item not on List) as a Payment? A. The chances are probably no. If I really want or need something not currently on my list, I will specifically ask for it as a Bonus Discount in the store as part of an Announcement. I do like Shinies but don't know how to price them. Q. Why is your TOS so Looooong? A. Most of it is just common stuff but it's just to cover the basics. Q. WHY ARE YOU SO EXPENSIVE? A. The cash prices are my actual prices offsite. I use these to pay my bills. While they're a little low compared to some artists I socialize with(And I do get yelled at for it) offsite, these prices are fair for the amount of traffic I get. When converting to PFQ stuff those numbers can get a little scary. As per tradition, PFQ stuff does get a discount comparitively to what it can be traded for in the trade forums, although I take this at a loss.
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>(ouo)< I haz more space. Feel free to PM me, I don't bite!
Animela's AvatarAnimela
Animela's Avatar

The Army Grows...

Animela's AvatarAnimela
Animela's Avatar
Open for Business
Syre's AvatarSyre
Syre's Avatar
Aww Chao are just too adorable! I'd like to order a Chao, Please! Character birb Pose suggestions Maybe just a sitting pose? Is this Animated? Would you be able to animate his flame to wiggle a little? Extra Notes Thank you :D Payment? 100GP
Avatar by Lumineu + Ruffwick Chao by Animela + sig by Obstagoon<3
Syre's Arto Bean & Gacha Shop!! Greyholde Adopts!!
Animela's AvatarAnimela
Animela's Avatar
@Syre How's this?
Edgy Vulpix's AvatarEdgy Vulpix
Edgy Vulpix's Avatar
I'd like to order a Chao, Please! Character: this guy :) Pose suggestions: just floating there would be fine, whatever you'd like Is this Animated? Could you possibly animate either the tails swishing or the ears twitching? Extra Notes: hopefully they're alright ^^', tysm! Payment? 100 gp
My art shop!
Signature by CatEnergetic, with help from Wardove. Art by Chiouart on Tumblr!
Animela's AvatarAnimela
Animela's Avatar
@Edgy Vulpix I did the floaty Version first and attempted the ear flicks. I'm presenting both versions just in case you like one more than the other.
Papakranky's AvatarPapakranky
Papakranky's Avatar
I'd like to order a Chao, Please! Character: This guy! Pose suggestions: just floating would be fine! Is this Animated? yes! would it be okay to animate his hair + shoulder fluffs sort of flowing in the wind? like how the BW darkrai sprite does! Extra Notes: let me know if this character is too difficult! Payment? 100gp! I can pay more if necessary!
MeowQeclion's AvatarMeowQeclion
MeowQeclion's Avatar
I'd like to ordera Chao, Please! CharacterYuku Pose suggestionsSitting down? Is this Animated?Maybe you could animate the tail swishing? Extra NotesNope! Payment?100GP


Art made by gezeichnet and avatar made by dorgoat!
ashtx's Avatarashtx
ashtx's Avatar
I'd like to ordera Chao, Please! Character https://toyhou.se/4131899.ki/gallery Pose suggestions sitting or standing? Is this Animated? yes, back ears moving maybe? Extra Notes n/a Payment? 100gp

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