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frøst1595's Avatarfrøst1595
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Okay I need some further help from my fellow hunters As I am sure many of you are aware, at reset the season 14 exclusives become breedable This means pepyre, who I have been waiting to breed since the release is finally able to be bred. This is where I need help I am currently very deep into a charmander chain, a little over 14k. I have some goals with this hunt -Get a living melan line (done) -Get top 10 of the longest pokeradar chains, need about 38k for this -Finish my reservation list (which is about 3 more melans, but there is not a rush on this) So I am not quite done with this hunt as you can see BUT PEPYRE IS BREEDABLE TOMORROW Now I have been hunting charmander since I have joined PFQ, I have done my research into hunting exclusives and know that it isnt going to be an easy task at all, especially compared to my charmander hunt I currently have about 5k gp i can dump into DCP's to get nice and ready, i am ready to click a bunch, i already wishalloy fire and i have a red giga + all my boosts (hm uber ect) Help, do i buy a pr stick and pause the char hunt and comp back later, and go for that melan pepyre OR do i just hold back and keep going on charmander?
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FlameDragon's AvatarFlameDragon
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Personally, I'd save up a bit more GP before going for the melan Pepyre, I'd probably want at least around 1.2k DCP before starting the hunt (then buying more as the hunt progresses). Considering that Pepyre breeding won't be going away or anything, I'd suggest sticking with Charmander until you have a bit more GP, then pausing and going for Pepyre. Whichever you decide to do, good luck! ^^
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frøst1595's Avatarfrøst1595
frøst1595's Avatar
if i spent my gp + the dcps i have id have about 800 to get me started i am just so tempted as there are currently no melan pepyres on site, and only 1 melan skarsear the point can be made the other way too, that charmander hunting isnt going away and thus can come back to my goals I just know there are others prepping to breed pepyre also and dont wanna fall too behind that 'race' I thinkkkkk i may do it just cause ive been waiting for it so long and im in a half decent spot to start it, ive got the zc for a pr stick to pause char haha idk, got a few hours to decide i suppose xD i do appreciate the luck!
Peachi's AvatarPeachi
Peachi's Avatar
Based on what you said I think you should go for it! Money wise it's a bit of a gamble, so it might not be the best decision to drop 300zc on a PR stick. 800 DCP is a fair amount, but if you're not lucky, you could even need up to thousands of more DCP. So you might even need to make the decision later on if you want to stick Pepyre and do something else to get more gold for DCP. If that's not a worry and you think you could get enough gold to buy more DCP as you hunt, then this point isn't really a concern for you. Buut regardless, you have full boosts so I think if it's something you're excited to hunt, then you should hunt it while it would still make you this hyped and happy! Edit: You can also consider that when tournament pokemon first become breedable, their breeding rates are pretty low. So you'll have to do a lot of clicks for eggs. If you wanted to wait a season or two and get more DCP in the meantime, the breeding rate would become easier. This is also something personal to you, if you have no problem clicking a lot and/or using lots of sweethearts, then it's not much of a concern. c:
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frøst1595's Avatarfrøst1595
frøst1595's Avatar
I dont really collect shiny or albino pokemon so id be selling off any specials id get, those funds would probably go straight into dcps for more pepyres Yea i think i may hit a crossroads of not being able to hunt pepyre anymore/possibly needing a break but thats a road to cross when i get to it i suppose i double checked, i have over 700 sweethearts to use with the red giga i have enough pepyres for at least 9 pairs so i can rotate them out to keep them happy i think the excitement of that little guy alone is gonna drive me to do it haha edit: does anyone know of any exclusive hunters shops? i just try to price fairly compared to everyone else and wouldnt mind price checking things before deciding on a price point for special pepyres
Nexwr37's AvatarNexwr37
Nexwr37's Avatar
Why are female valimps so rare ;-;
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frøst1595's Avatarfrøst1595
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QUOTE originally posted by Nexwr37

Why are female valimps so rare ;-;
Okayyy, I got you fairly simply once you know where to look so some pokemon in the game, have a 'rare gender' im going to use charmander for example, if you look at charmanders pokedex entry it says: 7 Males to 1 Female so roughly every 8 eggs you hatch you can expect it to be a female, there is some rng so its not perfect valimp falls under the rare gender pokemon catagory with 7 Males to 1 Female To add on to this, valimp is an exclusive pokemon, therefor much MUCH harder to hunt than any normal pokemon The pokemon released in the last 2 seasons of tournaments are not breedable, so when a new season starts and a new season of breedable exclusives become available, their breeding rates are even lower than the standard exclusive I cannot recall which season valimp was released in, but this is the jist of it I believe!

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