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Tredecim's AvatarTredecim
Tredecim's Avatar
YOU MAY USE ANY POKEMON YOU LIKE FOR EITHER BATTLES Lets cut to the chase. You have to battle these 2 before you can challenge our main pokemon. It's an evaluation test of some sorts. They do not come out at any certain order. Now if you beat them, you'll get the EVALUATION BADGE. you only have to win 1/2 of the battles but if you win 2/2 of the battles you get a small prize (you still gotta do 2 battles tho)


NOTE: This badge is watermarked so you can't take it.
THE ONLY RULES ARE WAIT 24 HOURS BEFORE CHALLENGING AGAIN (if you lose), DON'T REUSE DEAD POKEMON (Exception if you're starting the next challenge after you beat the first.) AND YOU SEND THE BATTLES Now if you have the Evaluation Badge, you can go ahead and challenge the Main 5.

important info

Offline hours are 2:00 to 10:00 server time. Every pokemon you're battling is fully EV trained. Most of the pokemon you're battling is IQ trained.

people who cleared the evaluation test

1. fouguri 2. Rebecca Gold 3. Si1encr 4. Shddo 5. SunWaterIce 6. Brandonlovespoke 7. Arçtiç-kuñ 8. MegaPokemonFan 9. JohnWinchester 10. QueenCocoa 11. Celena 12. Acer-of-spades 13. blackbelt314 14. Cydiex 15. BOSS 007 16. ABlirdNamedJeff 17. Batman1563 18. ShadowWolfy
Advertise us? (I made the banner. Genesect sprite belongs to pokemon X and Y.)


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Tredecim's AvatarTredecim
Tredecim's Avatar
Here, you can challenge the main 5. This is a 5 on 5 battle. You can reuse pokemon that didn't die. Pride is the leader, therefore you have to beat Greed, Lust, Envy and Wrath in that order before you can battle Pride. If you lost the battle in the middle, say for example, at Envy, after you wait 24 hours you can pick up at Envy again. Here is who you'll be facing. Once you defeat them, and once you defeat Pride you get the PENTAPOCALYPSE badge.


Badge is once again watermarked so you can't take it.

people who cleared all 5

1. Rebecca Gold 2. Si1encr 3. Shddo 4. SunWaterIce 5. Brandonlovespoke 6. Arçtiç-kuñ 7. JohnWinchester 8. Celena 9. Cydiex 10. BOSS 007 11. blackbelt314 12. Batman1563
Any further requests or things you want me to know must be sent in PMs to prevent double posting. If I make any mistakes, tell me. I'm only human. Completed the gym? Click me if you still want to battle.

Stairs leading down behind the gym

The Cellar

a cutscene I guess?

As you walk away from the gym, you notice a set of stairs behind the gym. Curious, you start your decent. It begins to get noticibly colder as you reach the door, however, the door seems to be completely warm. The door seems to be unlocked, so you open it and walk inside. The interior is bright, the air is warm and there's a grand hallway in front of you. The hallway looks well kept. A bright red carpet covers the floor, there are floating orbs of light in the air, illuminating the area, the walls are a solid white and there seem to be statues of different pokemon. As you inspect these statues, you realize they're all holding plates... Arceus plates... Each statue holding the plate to their corresponding type. You notice each one has a gold label etched with text.

Statue Showcase

The Plate Holders Fire - Delphox - The Flaming Kitsune - Fighting - Pangoro - The Martial Conqueress - Water - Slowking - The Atlantic Queen - Flying - Noivern - The Aerial Bat - Grass - Tsareena - The Majestic Tyrant - Poison - Toxapex - The Toxic Nails - Electric - Electivire - The Electric Titan - Ground - Rhyperior - The Ground Commandress - Psychic - Hatterene - The Mind Sorceress - Rock - Cradily - The Vine Stone - Ice - Avalugg - The Grand Glacier - Bug - Ariados - The Great Arachnid - Dragon - Haxorus - The Bladed Drake - Ghost - Palossand - The Sand Fortress - Steel - Aggron - The Steel Beast - Fairy - Granbull - The Fae Dog - ______________________________________________ Dark - Obstagoon - God's Apprentice -
When you reach the end of the hallway, there's an obstagoon statue at the very end. The gold label on this statue isn't like the others. The text etched into the gold says, "God's Apprentice". All of a sudden, the floor below you vanishes, leaving you to fall. You land in a cold cave, somehow unscathed, and you see 3 more statues. A Dawn Necrozma labeled "Dawn Of Destruction", A Dusk Necrozma labeled "Dusk Of Creation" and finally an Arceus. All three statues explode leaving smoke and dust everywhere. You can make out three figures in the smoke...
Best of 3 spar, you will face each one once. the pokemon you use must be declared before hand. Plates can and will change. Arceus will always come out last. (Plates are decided by a random number generator. 1-17 is a plate, 18 is no plate) (You don't need to beat any previous gyms or sections to challenge this part of the gym) Badge: (It's watermarked) And YES it's animated.

People acknowledged by arceus

1. Shddo 2. Rebecca Gold
Spewpa's AvatarSpewpa
Spewpa's Avatar
Hello there, I'm a fellow member of the HIVE clan! <3 I'll be doing the first challenge today with:
Spewpa • She/Her • Avid Reader JournalTemplatesArt 26/500 Raijin's Lamps - Buying at 170gp/equiv per* HOARDING - *Only if I have the currency
Tredecim's AvatarTredecim
Tredecim's Avatar
alright send the spar
blackbelt314's Avatarblackbelt314
blackbelt314's Avatar
hello tredecim of the hive. I have come from the garden and I came to challenge the gym!
make sure to check out my friends, gossifleur, fennekOoba, davidcorgi29, starchord, acer-of-spades and my best friend deliciousbread. (also check out Glaciersong. they got me into this.) also check out my buddies art shop here: call me phineas and ferb because... BABY IM BACK easy melan strat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ&list=PLahKLy8pQdCM0SiXNn3EfGIXX19QGzUG3
Fouguri's AvatarFouguri
Fouguri's Avatar
Hello, I am gonna try this gym! ^-^
Tredecim's AvatarTredecim
Tredecim's Avatar
go ahead and send the spar
Rebecca Gold's AvatarRebecca Gold
Rebecca Gold's Avatar
Hello! May I challenge this gym for the first badge?
Tredecim's AvatarTredecim
Tredecim's Avatar
go ahead. send the spar.
Si1encr's AvatarSi1encr
Si1encr's Avatar
Hello! Can I challenge you for the first badge?
Special Galarian Corsola + random deltas UFT Check out my about for details Buying regular rock deltas I don't have for 10
GP/equiv, check my fields (or ask)

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