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How to evolve Feebas???

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Hi! I've been really stumped for the past few days on how to evolve my Feebas. I've been trying to boost its Beauty stats, but for some reason, it won't let me use Pokeblocks anymore! It's so strange, but now I'm sorta stuck with evolving her now.. Does anyone have any ways to get Feebas to evolve?
Tarashia's AvatarTarashia
Tarashia's Avatar
When a Pokemon gets max sheen, it can't be fed any more Pokeblocks. Higher quality Pokeblocks grant more stats for less sheen, so you'll need to use better blocks to get the evolution. I recommend Blue Pokeblock IIIs, which can be made from Starf berries. You shouldn't need +s, but for reference those allow even higher stats. You'll need to either start over with a new Feebas, or feed a black Pokeblock to your current Feebas to reset both its contest stats and sheen so you can try again.
I've looked on the wiki, but I couldn't find anything, and have no idea where to even start with evolving my Feebas. Could I get some help?
Vaporeon26's AvatarVaporeon26
Vaporeon26's Avatar
for starters buy or make some Blue Pokeblock III and once you have some go to the pokemon's summary and click on the three horizontal lines at the bottom right corner and then click give item and under the consumables tab click the Blue Pokeblock III
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Thank you! :D

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