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I wondertraded my starter pokemon...

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wonhwang-jina's Avatarwonhwang-jina
wonhwang-jina's Avatar
...and I regret my life choices. 👉🏻👈🏻 Is there any way of tracking the poor thing down? Otherwise, if anyone comes across a female Pika with a tiny cabbage on her head, my door is open 😔
Corviknight's AvatarCorviknight
Corviknight's Avatar
do you have the summary URL in your history or copied somewhere by chance? otherwise there's really no other way to track it down
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Nightmøn's AvatarNightmøn
Nightmøn's Avatar
Look at your trade, you should be able to see your trade history if you wondertrade your starter recently. You can try to PM the current user who has it. If asked nicely, the person may send it back to you! But if they don't want, this would be their right ^^"
My first language is french! So sorry in advance for misunderstanding xD Shops Banner made by me
wonhwang-jina's Avatarwonhwang-jina
wonhwang-jina's Avatar
thanks guys! unfortunately I don't have the Pika's profile page saved anywhere and it's way beyond the last 25 trades in my history at this point. 🙃
Tarashia's AvatarTarashia
Tarashia's Avatar
Did you get rid of the Pokemon that you got in return for the wonder trade, of if you wonder traded it again any Pokemon in the direct chain of wonder trades you made? Your starter's link will be in that Pokemon's timeline.
wonhwang-jina's Avatarwonhwang-jina
wonhwang-jina's Avatar
...no, I definitely lost the chain of wondertrades by now. yes, I am an idiot.

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