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Let's See Those Site Skins!

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oo, this is a neat idea! y'all have pretty skins :eyes: mine is dark and portal themed! i can't stare at a lot of bright colors for very long so i usually have to make skins a dark blue or grayish with lighter accents like this one! i also blocked out the money part because i don't like people knowing how much money i have aksfnjek sorry,, (click to see me in full!) bg image
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Animestia's AvatarAnimestia
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Is me again! This is an older skin that was supposed to be minimalist that didn't happen. I actually have several skins, but this one and the one from my previous posts are the two I take the most pride in ^^' Picture's clickable so you can zoom in easier! BG Stock Credit
Made by Fuchsfee
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Stock BG Code
art shopf2u fe icons
Heres mine^^ I refered it to my idol, Zak Ahmed, aka Skeppy


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Snivkins's AvatarSnivkins
Snivkins's Avatar
the only thing my site skin does is make links stay blue when clicked because i'm lazy and rarely want to change a website to a different mode/theme i hated the purple links so much
credit to pfq user chary for the type race trophies!
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Silverdni's AvatarSilverdni
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I'm a total sucker for nature looking stuff :,)

It's quite calming to look at if you ask me:

Background Image is obtained from here
Also, I've tested it out, and it seems like you can use moving images (gifs) as skin backgrounds, so I might try to come up with an image that has a moving water source in the background to look even cooler. ^^
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Credit for IMG
NORsevvy's AvatarNORsevvy
NORsevvy's Avatar
i've had this skin for SO long, and i've never been able to get used to anything else lmao i'm stuck w it

this bad boy right here

the bg image is from the story so far's proper dose album cover, and the notif is art that was done from me by a user on da! :D
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Pøckychu's AvatarPøckychu
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removed because i broke the pictures
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Sina142's AvatarSina142
Sina142's Avatar
I'm a sucker for anything dragon and ghost, so a skin that shows both.

Draconic Ghost Skin

I found my background image here, and my colors came from the shiny verson of the first ghost/dragon type in the main games
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Foiry's AvatarFoiry
Foiry's Avatar
I love looking at other people's site skins. I use a light blue colored skin because the colors aren't super bright - my eyes are a bit sensitive to colors that pop. :(

Bergmite Skin

This skin was made by Poke-Hatcher, and the background image is from Pokémon TCG: Steam Siege.

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